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武汉桑拿论坛:Green vegetables are picky?These 3 types are good for the body,You can’t miss

Green vegetables are picky?These 3 types are good for the body,You can’t miss

Everyone knows that eating more green vegetables is good for our body.Vegetables are also an indispensable part of the diet,Reasonable and healthy eating habits,Should be“Thickness of meat and vegetables”Reasonable collocation,Of which this“Vegetarian”Of course the name of the vegetable is indispensable!

There are many green vegetables in the vegetable market,Many family leaders don’t know what to buy when they go to the vegetable market.Often pick and pick,Spent a lot of time,Not satisfied after buying it back,Today I will introduce 3 kinds of vegetables to you,Both delicious and nutritious,Make sure you don’t pick the wrong one.

1. Leek

Leek is the most inconspicuous vegetable in the vegetable market.Smells pungent,It looks a lot like green onions,It is easy to be ignored by people.But what you don’t know is,Often eat leeks,There are many benefits to the body.Leek contains a lot of fiber,Can promote digestion,It can also enhance gastrointestinal motility,It has the function of warming and strengthening the stomach,of course,Eating leeks can also detoxify and maintain the health of the liver.Leek is still very useful.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is among many vegetables,Its nutrition can be regarded as the top of the list.It is rich in carotene, flavonoids, iron, calcium and other nutrients,It can enhance the detoxification ability of the liver,It can also help reduce inflammation and allergy symptoms,Whether for adults or children,Often broccoli is a good choice.

3. Shepherd’s purse

Shepherd’s purse tastes delicious,Stir-fry is delicious,It also contains a lot of dietary fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C, iron and other nutrients,It has the effects of clearing the liver, regulating the spleen and stopping bleeding,It is also suitable for chronic liver diseases such as epistaxis and bleeding gums.But for shepherd’s purse,It’s best not to cook for too long,So as not to destroy its own nutritional value.