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:Cassie talks to Bosque: He didn’t say a word to me when he was righting De GeaReally uncomfortable插图

:Cassie talks to Bosque: He didn’t say a word to me when he was righting De GeaReally uncomfortable

Cassie talks to Bosque: He didn’t say a word to me when he was righting De Gea.Really uncomfortable


On October 19, it was approved by the National Daily,Former Spanish national team coach Bosque had a conversation with former national team captain Casey.Casey said:“Before you choose De Gea, you should say something to me,I think I have won five minutes of conversation like this,It really makes me feel uncomfortable to be told that I can’t play.”

Bosque:“I think you are in good condition,How do you feel?How is Sara and the children?”

Cassie:“I’m very good,coach.After (heart attack) a year and a half,I am retrieving the former Cassie.Portugal’s air and land are very good,Sara is also very good,The children are going to school.”

Bo:“I am very excited to chat with you,We have worked together for many years,You came to Real Madrid in 1990,Promoted to the first team in 1999.”

card:“I was less than 9 years old.I ran a test in September,We played a game,Then I was told that the club would play torneo social in January 1991,At that time, the names of the teams were taken by the players of the first team.The coach at the time, Antonio Mesquita, made the qualifiers for the Meudon Championship in Paris.We finally lost to Benfica on a penalty kick.It all started from there.You knew Real Madrid better than me at that time,As a club,It’s not as great as it is now,But Real Madrid was a big family at the time.”

Bo:“Then you understand the poverty situation at that time,Back then, the sports city lacked various facilities,Barde Bebas Base, Galaxy Battleship…”

card:“Now tell any kid that we used to play in such a venue,They will not believe it.Now everyone is playing under artificial turf and other conditions…Everything is getting better,Are evolving,This is also for the children to have better conditions,Of course I have you in my memory of the previous sports city,And Mr. Di Stefano and Camacho.When Juanito died, I was in the infantil A team,I will not forget the previous experience,I may forget my daily life now,But I will not forget my childhood,I fought for it.”

Bo:“You are very lucky,It is also good not to forget the previous experience.Kids need to have dreams…”

card:“This is what the boys need to know.A player winning a Champions League or a World Cup is not the most real thing.I am very lucky.You have to be good enough,Must have luck,And I have luck at the exact moment.A few times even you don’t even like me to rise too fast in the echelon…”

Bo:“We didn’t want you to be promoted to an older echelon but didn’t play.From my standpoint,Conservative is good,But there should also be a process of breaking logic like you, Guti and Raul…At that time, it was time to take risks against players who were gifted to play at a higher level.Ours is a step forward,Don’t be too demanding…”

card:“I have nothing to complain about,I tell you,I also felt shy when I was training with teammates who were three or four years older than me.”

Bo:“The family’s contribution still needs to be brought forward,Your father brought you here every day,That is silent attention,They are silently protecting you.I feel as if I have never spoken to your father.”

card:“This is something that people cannot see,They will see everything I have won,But I won’t see my father drive me from Mostores to training for 8 years.I don’t want to be arrogant,But all the coaches used to tell my father that I was excellent,Said that I will become Real Madrid’s goalkeeper.He knew I was excellent,But he also didn’t want me to be affected.He is very strict,Maybe it’s because he is the National Guard,He keeps me down to earth,I have always grown up with praise.”

Bo:“Everything happened in the 21 years we worked together,A lot of wonderful things,But I want to talk about the bad things naturally,One of them is the 2001-02 season,When we choose to use Cesar…”

card:“When Hierro and you took me down (laughs)…”

Bo:“no no…This is not true.”

card:“coach,Don’t be so serious,I’m just kidding…But not just that season,I didn’t play in the last few months of the previous season…”


Bo:“2000-2001 season?So who is on the field?”

card:“Cesar,At that time we won the league championship,Then in the 2001-02 season I encountered this again…I have to meet something every year (laugh)…”

Bo:“I think the good thing about bad things is that we broke the situation where you played so many games in a row.There are still positive aspects,I think…I’m not apologizing…We are not here to do this.”

card:“no no,coach,I think what I should be most grateful for is the competition I encountered at the time,But it’s not just competition from the first team,There is also competition within the echelon.I have a good relationship with Cesar,It was very important for us to compete together before,But he is also quite annoying,I told him (laughs).”

Bo:“Real Madrid’s four years have been great.”

card:“We have won nine championships in four years.”

Bo:“Let’s talk about the national team,You are an extremely important person,Relying on saves helped us win all that.”

card:“That is a very difficult result to reproduce,And we are part of it.We did not expect such a wonderful result at the time.But we do have a very good team,Have a great team.”

Bo:“We broke the curse of the previous national team,Get a very good state of winning.”

card:“We reversed this situation ourselves,At that time we all respected other national teams very much,We went from being afraid of our opponent to being afraid of us.When they competed with us, they knew very well that they might play funny.”

Bo:“In the middle of your career,You have encountered a difficult situation,Encountered a coach (Mourinho) that caused some Real Madrid fans to criticize you,For any Real Madrid fan,A guy like you was criticized by some Real Madrid fans,This is very painful.To me,This is incredible,It is also very painful.”

card:“That’s just a small group of young Real Madrid fans who like to make trouble.I didn’t understand at the time,Compared to thinking of most of the other fans who applaud me and are proud of me…Over time I learned that those who criticized me at the time may still be criticizing me now,But others still admire and admire you,And love me more because of what happened before.If I look back,I have no reason to ask for forgiveness,All this has passed.After what I experienced a year and a half ago,I have taken that previous experience as an anecdote.”

Bo:“Regarding the decision we made in 2016 not to let you play in the European Cup,Do you think it is good or bad?”

card:“Your face becomes too serious coach….Let’s talk about this later where there is no lens.Hahaha.”

Bo:“Do not,Let’s talk now,The three goalkeepers of the national team are all very good.”

card:“I want to specifically mention Valdes and Reina,I played a lot more back then,More enjoyment.Their attitude and practice towards me is very good,Valdes is an introverted child,He will slowly trust you,Dedication is full marks.”

Bo:“in 2014,We still choose the same group of people,This is because you were still in your best condition.During the intermission against the Netherlands, you rarely speak up to help boost the morale of the team.”

card:“I couldn’t accept it at the time,We cannot have such an ending,That is too cruel for our generation of players,Lose two games and wait four days there,Then play the third game.”

Bo:“Your performance in those four days is an example,Because you know how to accept failure.”

card:“Is a role model,But the strangest thing is to lose the first two games.”

Bo:“And in 2016,When the whole world is asking for change,With the most respect for you,We made the decision to give De Gea a place,This is entirely a competitive decision.Regardless of whether the decision was made right,That is a difficult decision for you, me and everyone.”

card:“Yes,It’s difficult.I remember talking to you, Mignano and Tony Grande (member of Bosque’s coaching staff).I don’t know if I am wrong,I have always said this with kind intentions,I think sometimes we should communicate with players.Tell him:‘Hey,Iker,This is the situation now’.Yes,We are all the same,But I think I should have won you guys who spent 5 minutes chatting with me the day before,Tell me:‘Iker,We want to make it clear to you that De Gea will play tomorrow’s game.Because of this or that reason.Because now is the opportunity,This is the moment.’I may feel uncomfortable or good,I should feel uncomfortable,But then I also got an explanation,I will accept.But obviously,You arrive there,And then in competition,You are the player with the most appearances in the national team,Is the captain of the team,Someone who has worked with you for so long…Then I mobilized before the game and found out that I would not play,I really feel uncomfortable.”

Bo:“Maybe this is because I always do things in the same way I make decisions without explaining.If you explain,Will fall into a false conversation.And we always deal with it the way we have to,It was impossible at the time…What do you want me to tell you?You won’t play for this reason…Because of that?impossible.”

card:“We as players are egoistic when playing football.We always think about ourselves.This is a team sport,But you will consider your own problems.If I look back,I don’t think I should deal with it like the day I left Real Madrid,Or shouldn’t behave like the national team did that day,I should be more accepting of my role at the time,Accept the role in the locker room.And thinking that De Gea was very eager to play at the time and had already demonstrated what he possessed.But at that moment…”

Bo:“I understand,It was very difficult and painful for us at that time.But we made the decision from a purely competitive perspective.We decided to use Cesar in Real Madrid, too,We don’t mean anything against you.On the contrary,If I have a preference,That will be the youth players above all else.”

card:“The best part is that after experiencing misunderstandings or noise,We communicated again.”


Bo:“I remember you did not play at Real Madrid for a while,But it has always been able to receive our call.You said a word to me at the time,I will never forget this sentence,You said:‘coach,You can rely on me,It’s even okay to be a three-door,I want to continue playing for the national team’.You were with us till the last moment.At least we didn’t let you lose any list.”

card:“I have nothing to complain about,Let’s look at this now,Looking at this at the age of 39 in 4 years,I looked at it from a different angle.”

Bo:“You really have an impressive resume,You have never been an ordinary player in the team,You have always been a very important player in our team,Contributed to the performance of winning trophies for us.”

card:“I don’t know if I was hit by a magic wand,I don’t know if my ability is enough.But since I started playing football,I knew I was going to be promoted to the first team,I know I want to achieve great results.Of course it’s easy to say that nowBut I had this expectation at first,At first I felt this would happen.”

Bo:“Some people say that everything that happens has a positive side.”

card:“This is the most words I have heard.After everything I experienced,The most important thing now is health.I must be grateful that the illness was on the court,The doctor handled it quickly,I recovered unscathed,I have recovered 99% now.I look at things differently,I don’t feel sad or depressed like I did before.”

Bo:“What else must we talk about?”

card:“and also?Gone,We have all talked about you cleaning me in the national team and Real Madrid…”

Bo:“That is short-lived,We also have to take care of others…”

card:“You change my first year I said:‘Ok,This is good for me,I am 20 years old,So i can learn something’.The next year you did this to me again,I just said:‘Ok this is already…This has become a convention,I have to find a solution by myself…’”

Bo:“I’m not very irritable nor superstitious,I know to listen to the opinions of others.Your players should be the inspiration for the coach,But there must be a degree,This degree needs to be clear to the coach himself.That is a limit,Tell the coach how to play like this…This is not the same thing,Some things may be good for the players,But never so-and-so player must play.It’s not such a thing.This is intolerable.”

card:“To be honest, we did have a good time,If I have to choose a period,I choose 1999-2003,At that time I enjoyed everything.The four years I spent with you were the beginning of my career.But that was the time I enjoyed the most.”

Bo:“You forgot to be the president of the Spanish Football Association.”

card:“Do not,Do not,But the timing was wrong at that time.”

Bo:“One thing we didn’t talk about,Real Madrid and Barcelona’s gunpowder match in 2011,The hostility between the players that we want to fix in the national team…”

card:“We did not expect that the four games would be arranged so tightly,The game was very important at the time,Those four games marked Spanish football and everything around us.The political implications at the time were very strong,If Barcelona wins,It’s like Catalonia is above Madrid.”

Bo:“But in the national team we have never had a disagreement between clubs,Nothing happened because you were born in Madrid or because you were born in Catalonia.”

card:“No,But the air we breathed was different in the two friendly matches we played in 2011.The atmosphere in the team was different at the time.In fact,Our condition is not good,Our relationship with Harvey, Puyol and others,There is no trust between the players of Barcelona and Real Madrid.We almost spent 8 months repairing this relationship,Almost a year later.”

Bo:“But we got out of the predicament unscathed,This is a fact,Later, the intervention of you and Harvey played a decisive role in this issue.”

card:“of course,At that time, we had to find a way,The national team must be calm again.We were already a little crazy…”

Bo:“This thing is harmful to you personally,Develop in exactly the direction that shouldn’t have happened,According to what you represent,You should handle it better,But you were not able to do it at the time.”

card:“Regarding repairing the relationship,We should indeed be proud.Otherwise we won’t get everything we won afterwards.If we did not solve the previous issues,Then we cannot win the 2012 European Cup.”


Bo:“I think the locker room is poisoned by outside influences,Not from within.”

card:“Not our fault,But we did bring the differences between the two sides to the national team.In the locker room,You can feel that atmosphere.Our relationship is different from before,Puyol, who has a very good relationship with me, even told me that he was very eager to pull me up and punch me twice.And I said,OK, OK,I think so too.”

Bo:“I didn’t stand in line at the time,I am totally neutral.I didn’t blame anyone on the team.I can boast that we have never paid attention to the color of club jerseys for recruiting players,We never cared where the player was born.This is very helpful for us.I have almost never heard about politics in the national team.Maybe you have,But in front of me, it is very rare.”

card:“That’s because you didn’t stay with Pique at night,otherwise…We were all crazy.”

Bo:“If you want to talk about Pique,He played 114 games with us,During this period, we have a very good relationship with him from any perspective.And besides,He is the one who thinks about the team.He paid for the national team,We haven’t had any problems,Not with him,Nothing with anyone else.”

card:“Pique is a good guy,This is real,He has never had a problem with anyone.In addition,In that locker room,If someone did something at a certain moment,We will quickly come forward to calm our emotions.”

Bo:“Thank you for everything,Iker.”

card:“It’s my honor.I have already met you as a youth coach, coach, national team coach,Now I will communicate with you in the column of your “National Daily”.”

Bo:“Don’t you want to be a coach?”

card:“Do not,I don’t have that composure,Without that patience.I gave everyone an image like a good boy,But I grew up in the locker room.I think I am more useful in training players.To cultivate younger children,Those who are just starting out.It’s a bit like the role you played in the Sports City when you were 30,We were training back then,And you are behind,I will take the license test to learn more,Because I like football.I will try my best to convince the children,Tell them what they can achieve with hard work.At the same time, I hope they can understand that it is impossible to do it the first day.This requires a process,And you will suffer a lot.”

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