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How to treat chlorine poisoning

How to treat chlorine poisoning?

How to treat chlorine poisoning?we all know,Chlorine is a toxic gas,If we accidentally inhale chlorine in our daily life,So it is recommended to go to the hospital in time for early treatment,So as not to cause chlorine poisoning to cause more pain to yourself,Then,What to do with chlorine poisoning?Let’s study with the online editor of Health Care.

1. The treatment of chlorine poisoning

General treatment: immediately evacuate the patient from the scene,Sent to fresh air,Such as eye or skin contamination,Rinse thoroughly with water or saline immediately,Give 0.5% cortisone eye drops and antibiotic eye drops; 2% to 3% sodium bicarbonate solution wet compress for skin acid burns.Patients exposed to a certain amount of chlorine should stay in the hospital for observation.Monitoring content includes breathing, pulse, blood pressure changes,Strive for early blood gas analysis and dynamic chest X-ray observation.

Correct hypoxia: give oxygen inhalation and keep the airway open.

Prevention and treatment of pulmonary edema: nebulized inhalation of neutralizer,Such as local inhalation of 5% sodium bicarbonate; rational use of corticosteroids.During outpatient preventive treatment,Dexamethasone can be given intramuscularly or prednisone orally,Maintain for 1 to 2 days.Inpatients can be given dexamethasone 20~60mg depending on the condition.Intravenous injection or drip.

2. Chlorine poisoning diet

Kiwi: rich in vitamin C,Can improve immune function,Reduce the irritation of the disease to the respiratory tract,Reduce the incidence of contact dermatitis.Eat directly after peeling 3-5.

Prickly pear: rich in vitamin C, high in cellulose,Can improve the peristalsis of the intestines,Thereby reducing the absorption of metabolic waste in the intestine.50g slices for serving.

Carambola: contains zinc and selenium,The latter has a good inhibitory effect on tumor cells,Thereby reducing the stimulation of the disease to normal cells,Reduce the occurrence of neoplastic diseases.2-3 per day.

3. Symptoms of chlorine poisoning

Chlorine is a yellow-green irritating gas.And it is highly toxic.After inhaling chlorine, there will be chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, dizziness, nausea, hoarseness and other symptoms.Symptoms will become severe after a while,There may be coma shock,Can cause serious damage to the respiratory tract,It is very irritating to eyes and skin.If there is a side leakage of chlorine,It is best to use a wet towel to cover your face,And fled to a place with a higher geographic location,Prevent inhalation of chlorine gas.

How to check whether chlorine exceeds the standard in life

Chlorine may come from our daily lives.So whenever we know the harm of chlorine to our health,We should prevent and check in time.Then,Let us understand whether the chlorine in our tap water exceeds the standard.

Detect whether the chlorine in the water exceeds the standard: use a glass to take a glass of water as far as possible from the tap,Then smell it with your nose,Does it smell of bleach (chlorine),If you can smell a little pungent smell,It shows that the residual chlorine in the tap water exceeds the standard; drink hot water,Is there a smell of bleach (chlorine),If the taste of water is not sweet,Instead, there is a smell of bleach,This is also the phenomenon of excessive bleaching powder.

What are the harms of chlorine to the human body

Chlorine is a serious harm to the human body,It can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract.When the mass concentration is 1—At 6mg/m3,Cause significant irritation to people; it is unbearable at 12mg/m3; when it reaches 40-60mg/m3,30-60min can cause severe poisoning; 120-170mg/m3 is extremely dangerous,Cause acute pulmonary edema and pneumonia: when 3000mg/m3,Can immediately paralyze the respiratory center and appear“Flash death”.Long-term inhalation of low concentrations of chlorine can cause chronic poisoning.The main symptoms are rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and liver cirrhosis.People who are sensitive to chlorine,When exposed to a higher concentration of chlorine.Dermatitis or eczema can occur.

Chlorine is inhaled into the respiratory tract and contacts the mucous membranes,In addition to the elements,Also formed hypochlorous acid, hydrogen chloride and so on.In the past,The damaging effect of chlorine is caused by hydrogen chloride and new ecological oxygen.Recent studies point out thatAt pH 7.4,At 37℃,Will not generate new ecological oxygen,Most likely due to the action of hydrogen chloride and hypochlorous acid,Especially the latter have more obvious biological activity,It can penetrate fine hair membrane,Destroy its integrity and permeability,This causes tissue inflammatory edema and congestion,Even necrosis.

In summary,If we have chlorine poisoning,You must go to the hospital for regular treatment in time,In order to prevent chlorine poisoning from affecting our health,Understand the hazards of chlorine,We must do a good job in preventing chlorine poisoning in our daily lives.