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武汉江汉区夜生活网:Practicing Tai Chi can help treat high blood pressure

Practicing Tai Chi can help treat high blood pressure

Tai Chi is a good blood pressure treatment.When you practice Taijiquan, your mind is required to guide the movement,Concentration of thoughts,Peace of mind.In addition,Many breathing exercises emphasize the three characters of static, loose and descending.Use ideas to make various cues to induce relaxation of all parts of the body.of course,You can also take a walk,Doing medical gymnastics and other activities,Time can choose early morning, dusk or before going to bed.Walking can be based on physical strength,15 minutes to 1 hour each time,1 to 2 times a day,Keep in a good mood while walking,Leave all worries behind.Medical gymnastics is best performed on the green grass,And the surroundings are quiet.

Appropriate exercise helps to treat hypertension,If the way is improper,It is just enough to aggravate the condition,It even induces a stroke.

Patients with hypertension should pay attention to three words when exercising: calm, loose, and drop.

Calm is calm,Not be disturbed by distracting thoughts,It is best to choose a quiet green area for exercise,Heart calm can reduce the excitability of the cerebral cortex,Conducive to the adjustment of autonomic nerve function,Regulation of vasomotor,So as to reduce blood pressure.

Relaxation requires muscle relaxation during activities,Reduce the tension of peripheral blood vessels,Dilate blood vessels,Blood pressure will not rise.

When you are active, you should think of a drop in blood pressure,Experiments show thatThis can form a benign stimulus,Blood pressure is under control.

Activities such as bowing your head and holding your breath and holding your breath are taboos for hypertensive patients.When you bow your head,Due to gravity,It can increase the circulation of blood in human brain,A sudden increase in cerebrovascular pressure,Tight blood vessel walls,Easy to cause dizziness, heavy head,Sometimes it also induces rupture of cerebral blood vessels,Cause cerebral hemorrhage.Breath-holding can increase the pressure on the chest and abdomen,Blood pressure rises,Moreover, the ejection resistance of the heart increases when holding the breath.In addition,Patients with hypertension should not perform movements that have excessive postural changes.It is also not suitable for intensely competitive sports.

Buck,Can’t expect immediate results.Choose the right exercise,The blood pressure reduction effect can be seen as soon as 4 weeks,And it can only appear in a few people.Half of people with high blood pressure,It is possible to decrease the systolic blood pressure by 10-20 mmHg after 10 weeks of exercise.Decrease diastolic blood pressure by 5-10 mmHg.Exercise until 20 weeks,80% of patients saw a significant drop in blood pressure,20% of people may never see a significant drop in blood pressure.But experts cautioned thatDon’t give up on sportsBecause of the improvement in health it brings,It is also beneficial to cooperate with other therapies.

Select sports,Should focus on moving movement.Exercise can be divided into static exercises such as weightlifting and other strength exercises.Active sports, such as running and swimming, make the muscles contract rhythmically.Quiet exercise can not lower blood pressure,It can increase blood pressure,Especially diastolic blood pressure can be increased.therefore,Should choose a good sport.

The amount of exercise is not better,The time is not as long as possible.As an exercise to lower blood pressure,It is enough to reach 50% or 60% of the maximum load; no matter how large it is.The time is 30 to 60 minutes each time,3 to 5 times a week is appropriate.

Comprehensive prevention,Do not believe in a single form of exercise to lower blood pressure.Although exercise maintains the original lifestyle and weight,Has an independent blood pressure lowering effect,However, it does not rule out the influence of adequate sleep, regular life, and low-fat diet on exercise to lower blood pressure.If you can have a scientific and beneficial lifestyle while exercising,The effect of lowering blood pressure will be more rapid and obvious.In addition,Exercise is not omnipotent to lower blood pressure.Be sure to cooperate with other pressure reduction methods.