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武汉夜生活网:Six kinds of food and tea

Six kinds of food and tea

In the Tang Dynasty, there was the term “tea medicine” (see “tea medicine” inscribed in the 14th year of the Tang Dynasty Zongda Li Kingdom); in the “Shan Jia Qing Gong” written by Lin Hong in the Song Dynasty,There is also “tea,The argument that it is medicine.visible,Tea is medicine,It is also included in the book of medicines (called Materia Medica in ancient times).But modern habits,The term “tea medicine” is limited to preparations containing tea leaves.Since tea has many functions,It can prevent and treat many diseases in various departments of women and children inside and outside,and so,Tea is not only medicine,The purpose is as the Tang Dynasty Chen Zangqi emphasized: “Tea is the medicine for all diseases”.

Small problems that should be paid attention to when drinking tea,Because tea will interfere with some foods,It should be noted that:

1. Tea and sugar:

Tea is bitter and cold in nature,The purpose of people drinking tea is to stimulate the digestive glands with the help of the bitter taste of tea.Promote the secretion of digestive juices,To enhance digestion.Then use the coldness of tea,Achieve the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

Like adding sugar to tea,Will inhibit this function.But in ancient books there are also recipes for treating diseases with tea and sugar.As a diet therapy,If you usually drink tea, you should not mix sugar.

2. Tea and eggs:

Boiled eggs in tea water,The concentration of tea is very high,Strong tea contains more tannins,Tannins can turn the protein in food into hard-to-digest coagulation substances,Affect the body’s absorption and utilization of protein.

Eggs are high-protein foods,Therefore, it is not advisable to boil eggs with tea and water.

3. Tea and wine:

Many people love to drink tea after drinking.Want to achieve the effects of moisturizing dryness and relieving alcohol, eliminating accumulation of food, and clearing water channels,But this is bad for the kidneys.

Because drinking tea after drinking,Theophylline produces diuretic effects,At this time, the acetaldehyde converted by alcohol has not been completely decomposed,That is, it enters the kidneys due to the diuretic effect of theophylline,Acetaldehyde is more irritating to the kidneys,It is easy to cause damage to kidney function.So kidney cold, impotence, frequent urination,Symptoms such as testicular pain are connected.

4. Tea and lamb:

Although eating some lamb from time to time is great for the body,But while eating lamb and drinking tea,The rich protein in mutton can “marriage” with the tannin in tea,Produces a substance called proteoprotein.This substance has a certain astringent effect on the intestines,Can weaken intestinal peristalsis,The water in the stool decreases,Prone to constipation.

and so,It is not advisable to drink tea while eating lamb.It is not advisable to drink tea immediately after eating lamb.You should wait 2-3 hours before drinking tea.

5.Tea and medicine:

The tannic acid in tea can chemically react with certain drugs (such as ferrous sulfate tablets, ferric ammonium citrate, berberine, etc.) to produce precipitation.Affect drug absorption.

If you take sedatives (such as phenobarbital, diazepam, etc.) with tea,The stimulants such as caffeine and theophylline in tea will offset or weaken the sedative effect of the drug.

Because there are many kinds of drugs,Not easy to master,So always use warm water to deliver clothes,Good and harmless.

6, avoid drinking tea after eating dog meat

Dog meat is rich in protein,And there are more tannins in tea,If you drink tea immediately after eating dog meat,It will combine the tannic acid in tea and the protein in dog meat into tannin protein.This substance has astringent effect,Can weaken bowel movements,Produce constipation,Toxic substances and carcinogens produced by metabolism are passively absorbed in the intestine,And not good for health,and so,Avoid drinking tea after eating dog meat.