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What are the effects of practicing yoga asanas?

What are the effects of practicing yoga asanas?

People in modern society have more or less bad habits,For example, like staying up late, eating spicy food, not exercising, etc.These reasons will cause certain problems in body function,Such as obesity, acne and so on.Therefore, more female friends are concerned about health issues,And what kind of exercise can not only improve body shape,Can it make you less tired?That is yoga.Yoga can be regarded as the oldest fitness program in the world.The advantage is that you can start at any time.So what are the effects of practicing yoga asanas?

One.Improve memory and treat insomnia.

two.Generate energy needed for daily life.

three.Make people live longer,Energize the lungs.

four.Stimulate the endocrine glands,Make it move normally,Purify the blood,Eliminate fatigue.

Fives.Make the body soft,Prevent puffiness,Control instinctive desires,Peace of mind,Looks good.

six.Relieve the back,Joint and muscle pain

Seven.Relax rigid muscles

Eight.Increase physical strength

nine.Reduce the pressure

ten.emit energy

eleven.Relax the brain


thirteen.Improve body sensitivity