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武汉男人夜生活网:What should I do if I have a lot of hair on my face

What should I do if I have a lot of hair on my face?

What should I do if I have a lot of hair on my face?Although most people will have some very fine hairs on their faces,You can’t see it unless you look carefully,But some people have a lot of hair on their faces,These thick hairs will affect a person’s image,So what should I do if my face grows hairy?Next, the health online network will introduce to you.

1. What to do with hair removal cream on the face

All major shopping malls and small beauty and cosmetics stores can see various brands of hair removal cream products.Beauty lovers use this way to get rid of their hair,Has a certain effect,But the recurrence rate is relatively high,And because there are many brands and types of hair removal creams,The characteristics of the depilatory cream that treat the symptoms but not the root cause make people who love beauty use too frequently.Easily cause adverse reactions such as skin allergy and redness.

2. How to do hair removal with a spatula?

There are not many beauty lovers who use spatulas to remove hair.Scraper hair removal, as the name implies, is to use a sharp tool to remove hair.The recurrence rate of this kind of scraper hair removal method is faster than that of hair removal cream.And after recurrence, the hair will become thicker and denser,And improper use of a spatula during hair removal,It is also very easy to cause skin scratches and other risks.

3. How to do laser hair removal with long hair on the face

At present, the most popular method of hair removal by beauty lovers at home and abroad is laser hair removal.Not only the hair removal is fast,Skin is clean and delicate from now on,And the process of hair removal is painless and easy,The most important point is that after laser hair removal has passed a course of hair removal treatment,In the days to come, I no longer worry about the appearance of excess hair on my body.Laser hair removal is a painless permanent hair removal method.

4. How to deal with hair loss with long hair on the face

4.1. Use salt and milk to eliminate hair growth on the face.It is best to use freshly bought table salt,Then put it in a used vial,Mix 4~5 drops of milk with salt each time,When the salt is in a semi-dissolved state,Used to massage the face,The intensity should be moderate,Do this often,It can eliminate facial pores and hair growth.

4.2. Use rice to massage the face to eliminate long hair on the face.Use freshly cooked rice every time,Knead into rice balls,Used to massage the face,This can suck all the dirt away from the face,use frequently,Can eliminate pores and hair growth.

4.3. Use pearl powder to eliminate long hair on the face.Go to the drugstore to buy pearl powder,Then use an appropriate amount of water and pearl powder to make a paste,Then apply on the face and massage.Doing this often can play a role in eliminating pores and hair growth.And can make the skin smoother.

What are the misunderstandings of hair removal

1. The thicker and thicker the hair grows faster.wrong!The hair growth cycle and thickness will not change due to hair removal.After hair removal,Just because the hair growth section is visually thicker,That’s why the illusion of thickening of hair occurs.After hair removal,Many people will focus on hair growth,So I think the longer it is, the faster it is,but,This is still just an illusion.From a theoretical point of view,Only hormonal changes affect the cycle of hair growth.

2. It is better to use plucking for hair removal.wrong!Pulling hair can cause great irritation to the skin,Excessive pulling can also damage the skin.If you use plucking to remove hair, you must be careful,If it is too dense or pulled too hard,Will cause great damage to the skin,The pain may explain some problems.It may also cause problems such as pigmentation and sagging skin.In case the degree of unlucky is serious,There will also be raised scars like goose bumps,This can affect the appearance more than thick hair.

How to maintain facial skin

To this computer every day,How can we maintain facial skin?The following editor will introduce you to a few tips for maintaining facial skin:

1. Wash your face more,Thoroughly clean facial skin: computer radiation“Electrostatic dust”With adsorption on your face,If it is not cleaned, it will not only make the skin dark yellow,It can also cause radiation spots, acne, blackheads, etc.The editor recommends that you wash your face 4 times a day,Wash once in the morning, morning, afternoon, and evening.It is best to use a cleanser with bamboo charcoal cleansing effect when washing your face.

2. Drink plenty of water: Long-term computer radiation can cause dry skin.So hydrating is very important,In addition to putting a bottle of nourishing lotion, soft (toning) skin lotion, essence, etc.,Drink more water,It is best to drink green tea, fruit juice,This not only can effectively fight against radiation, but also replenish the vitamins lost by the body.In particular, the tea polyphenols in green tea have a strong antioxidant effect.

3. Ensure the sanitation of the working environment: clean the computer screen, keyboard and desk area before working on this computer every day.This can effectively reduce the dust on it,It is more effective to prevent electrostatic dust from being adsorbed on the face.

Regarding the treatment of a lot of hair on the face,Because the online editor has given you a detailed introduction,Remind my friends,If we have a lot of hair on our face,Then we must find a suitable method to remove facial hair,Avoid getting into the misunderstanding of hair removal.