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What to do if durian is not ripe-what are the ways to ripen durian

What should I do if durian is unfamiliar?What are the ways to ripen durian

What should I do if durian is unfamiliar?What are the methods for durian ripening?we all know,Although durian does not smell very good,But the taste of mature durian is very good,Especially friends who like to eat durian,Love it,The most important thing is that durian has very high nutritional value.Have“King of fruits”Reputation.but,We may also buy immature durians in our daily lives.So what should I do if durian is unfamiliar?What are the methods for durian ripening?

When we all buy durians in our daily lives,Be sure to observe the durian flesh,To see if the durian is mature,Because once the durian we bought is peeled off,Will always remain hard,Can’t become soft anymore,Therefore, do not peel the durian when it is not ripe.Otherwise, we can only eat durian raw.but,The following methods can be used to ripen it:

1. Put the durian in a warm environment

If there is no ripe fruit at home,You can put the durian in a warm place like a balcony or put it in a box and keep it sealed for a few days.

2. Put the hard durian meat into the microwave and turn

Wrap the hard durian meat in plastic wrap,Then cooked in the microwave,But the taste is not as good as ripe durian,So if you are not in a hurry, it is better to use other methods.

3. Put the raw durian in the refrigerator

If the above methods are tested,The durian is still immature,You can wrap the durian with plastic wrap,Then put it in the refrigerator for a day or two,This can also ripen it.

4. Ripe durian meat

1. Use fruit to ripen durian

When the durian you buy is not ripe, it can be put together with ripe fruits such as bananas and apples.It can be ripened after being sealed for two or three days.This method is safe and convenient,And it tastes much better when eaten,So many people use this method.

2. Use rice to ripen durian

Immature durian can also be ripened with rice,Because rice will release some ethylene when stored,Can effectively help durian ripening,But when the durian is ripening,Need to remove the durian skin,Take out the pulp and place it in the box,Then wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the rice,The durian is ready to be eaten after two days.


3. Use newspaper to ripen durian

Newspaper can also ripen durian,The specific method is to wrap the newspaper on the appearance of the durian,Then ignite it with a lighter,When the newspaper is almost exhausted,Take it out and put it on a clean newspaper,Then put it in a warm environment for a day or two,Durian can ripen.

5. Find the boss for a ripe durian

If the durian you bought is too raw,And not far from the fruit shop where you bought it,You can go to the boss and change a familiar one.