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What to do if there are genetic spots on the face-what are the ways to remove freckles-

What should I do if there are genetic spots on my face?What are the ways to remove freckles?

What should I do if there are genetic spots on my face?What are the ways to remove freckles?We should all have heard this sentence:“Body hair skin,Accepted parents”,This sentence means that some diseases in our body may be inherited from parents.Genetic spots——freckle,These freckles are inherited from their parents,If you have freckles on your face,So serious will affect our beauty,It will be very uncomfortable to look at,So what to do if there are genetic spots on the face?

Freckles are dark brown spots that occur on the cheeks.The disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner,There is often a family history.Freckles can only be removed by freezing and laser.

Avoid excessive sun exposure,Especially in summer,Pay more attention to going out,Shade or use sunscreen,Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and vitamin E,Avoid photosensitivity drugs and food,Such as psoralen methoxypsoralen, celery, white radish, coriander and so on.

How to reduce freckles

When preparing to go out,Apply some sunscreen appropriately,Or put on a sun hat,Avoid direct sunlight.

There are many foods that also have a good effect on the skin,For example, carrots are rich in carotene that can scavenge free radicals and resist oxidation.Vitamin C and E are also good helpers for beauty.

Choose cosmetics carefully,You can use a natural and convenient skin care product,That is the potato.Cut raw potatoes into thin slices,Apply to the freckled area,Can lighten spots.

Often staying up late and lack of sleep,It will also age the skin.Develop a good sleep,Contribute to the rest and self-repair of leather clothing.

What should I do if I have genetic spots on my face?The above article is a detailed introduction for everyone by the online editor.Remind my friends,Although we have genetic spots on our faces,But these genetic spots can also be prevented and reduced.Such as applying some cosmetics to remove,But when we choose cosmetics, we must choose the one that suits us.So as not to hurt your skin.