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武汉江汉区夜生活网:Can you rub your hands and feet with honey?

Is it good to wipe the cracks in the hands and feet with honey?

Is it good to wipe the cracks in the hands and feet with honey?everybody knows,In the dry season,Most people are very prone to split hands and feet,In general, many people will use honey to wipe the wound to relieve this phenomenon.So, how about rubbing honey on your hands and feet?Let me come down!

1. Can you rub honey on your hands and feet?

In the dry season, most peopleRubbing honey on hands and feet is very good,Because rubbing honey on the surface of the skin can well promote the metabolism of the human body,Can make the skin white and delicate,And honey can protect the skin very well,Prevent and treat chapped hands and feet, frostbite and frostbite.

2. The pharmacological effects of honey

Treat oral mucosal ulcers and stomatitis with honey,Gargle with 10% honey,It can reduce inflammation, relieve pain and deodorize.It is particularly effective for pediatric stomatitis.

Treat mouth sores,You can add a few drops of limonene to a tablespoon of honey,Slowly melt in the mouth,2~3 times a day,Until the inflammation disappears.

Honey is also a good beauty medicine,I never use skin creams,Generally use 20% honey to wipe the face and skin,Because the skin can form a protective film after rubbing honey,Can alleviate external stimuli.

For the convenience of applying honey,After washing your face every morning,I dip my fingers in honey and put it in the palm of my hand,Add 3 to 4 drops of water to dilute,Stir well with your fingers,You can wipe your face and hands.

Honey has a certain therapeutic effect on facial dryness, wrinkles, boils, prickly heat, acne, etc.The method is to evenly dilute the honey with 4 times cold water,Apply to the face and massage for 5 minutes.

3. Small remedies for beautifying with honey

3.1. Honey beauty

Composition: 30 grams of honey and 120 grams of warm water.

Usage: oral administration,2-3 times a day,Or wash off after daily rubbing and massaging.

Efficacy: This honey beauty remedy,It can nourish skin and tender limbs to remove wrinkles,Suitable for dry and cracked skin in autumn and winter.

3.2. Honey acne

Composition: honey and warm water

Usage: First use a sterile cotton swab dipped in honey and apply directly on the acne.People with dry skin,Keep for about 30 minutes.About 15 for oily skin—20 minutes.Then take another spoonful of honey and dissolve it in a bowl of warm water,Pat the honey water gently on the face,Massage your face slowly,About 10 minutes,Let the skin absorb,Finally, wash your face again with clean water.Drink honey water during external application,3 times a day,20 each time—50 g honey,The beauty effect is better.

3.3. Attack the honey to remove dark spots

Composition: 3 parts oat flour, 1 part rose juice, 3 parts honey

Preparation method: mixed.

Can you rub honey on your hands and feet?

Efficacy: Nourish skin and remove spots.

Usage: apply face every night,Wash away the next morning.

How to deal with cracks in hands and feet

1. Wear gloves for your hands

When doing cleaning work,Develop the habit of wearing gloves.Whether or not it touches water,Put on gloves,Can effectively avoid contact with detergent.Gloves should be worn loosely,Feel more comfortable,It is not easy to cause irritation.

2. Reduce exposure to cold water

In order to avoid chapped hands and feet,Contact with cold water should be minimized in daily life.The stimulation of cold water can easily reduce the sebum secretion of the skin.This leads to increased skin dryness,The degree of dryness increases.So usually pay more attention,Try to use warm water when washing hands,Don’t be irritated by cold water.

3. Hand care before going to bed

Put on a hand cream rich in hydrophilic glycerin,Give each knuckle a detailed massage,You can also put a layer of hand mask on your hands when you have time,Let the hands get adequate nutrition and rest.

4. Apply ointment

You can go to the pharmacy to buy some ointments containing weak corticosteroids,If peeling is severe and accompanied by dryness and pain,Use low concentration salicylic acid ointment or boric acid ointment,Play the role of softening and lubricating the crust,You can also use traditional Chinese medicine ointment that moisturizes your muscles and relieves itching.

Prevention of cracks in hands and feet

1. Eat more fat in the dry and cold season.

2. Longer course of disease or elderly patients should increase nutrition,Eat more foods such as pork liver, pig skin, mutton, donkey-hide gelatin, and cod liver oil pills.

3. Due to the cold and dry climate in winter,Sweat less,The skin is easy to dry and wrinkle,Therefore, special attention should be paid to cold and warm hands.Soak and wash frequently with warm and hot water,Apply some oily skin care products (such as glycerin),In order to avoid the occurrence of frostbite and aggravate the chapped.

4. Strengthen physical exercise,Strengthen the conditioning of metabolism.

Can you rub honey on your hands and feet?

5. In daily life, you should also pay attention to diet more fruits and vegetables,Drink plenty of water,Eat protein-rich foods in moderation,Maintain skin moisture and elasticity,This can prevent the birth of split hands.