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How to lose arm fat-

How to lose arm fat?

How to lose arm fat?In our daily life, many female friends like to wear sleeveless clothes.But some female friends will have unsightly fat on their arms,So they especially want to lose fat on their arms,So how to reduce arm fat?Let us take a look at it together.

1. How to reduce arm fat by stretching exercises

At home, we can use ten fingers to cross the palms upwards and use them to stretch evenly.Also keep our waist twisting back and forth,Twist the body left and right twice and then lower the arm,Such repeated exercises can not only reduce fat on the arms, but also have the effect of beautiful waist.

2. Push-ups on how to reduce arm fat

Push-ups are a good way to reduce fat on your arms.But can’t do it often,It can be practiced with other things that reduce arms,If you do push-ups too often, you may develop muscles.

3. How to reduce arm fat and back pull

Prepare a rope or towel,Hold the towel (rope) back with both hands and one hand on top,With one hand,Similar to the action of rubbing back,Pull up and down forcefully,It has good benefits for thin arms.

4. Yoga method of how to reduce arm fat

Studies have shown that every movement of yoga has an impact on every part of the body.Practicing yoga can not only lose weight,Can also create a perfect posture.Dumbbell method: Dumbbells have a good effect on thin arms.Choose a dumbbell of the right weight according to your actual situation,Can do all kinds of things,But the side effect is that it may build muscle.

5. How to reduce arm fat and wrap it with plastic wrap

The plastic wrap is airtight,And the sealing effect is very good,Wrap the area of the arm that needs to lose weight with plastic wrap for 30 minutes,Then perform a swing arm movement,In this way, fat can be fully burned and volatilized,Adhere to this practice every night before going to bed,You can reduce the flesh on your arms in two to three months.

6. How to reduce arm fat and arm liposuction

Arm liposuction is a very advanced method of thinning arms.This method is now available in regular plastic surgery hospitals.This method of arm weight loss is to use liposuction equipment to suck out the excess fat on the arm.After losing weight in this way,There will be no wrinkles on the arms and sequelae are not easy to appear,But it is a very safe and effective way to thin your arms.

7. How to reduce arm fat by arm swing exercise and massage

Do at least 30 minutes of arm swing exercise every day,Then don’t rest immediately,Use two hands to massage your arms alternately,Remember to massage after exercise,Because if massaged will convert fat into muscle,Massage is to help the muscles relax,This is not easy to appear unicorn arms.

What can you eat to reduce arm fat

1. Apple

Want to thin arms through food,First of all, we must understand that only by eating more foods that promote blood circulation can you achieve a good effect of thin arms.And Apple is a good choice.Apples are rich in fiber, water and vitamins,These substances are very helpful for weight loss.In addition, the pectin rich in apples has a good lipid-lowering effect.Regular consumption can have a good effect on thin arms.How to reduce arm fat

2. Onion

In life, onions are generally used as a seasoning and not eaten alone.However, onions are also a good ingredient for thin arms.Therefore, adding more onions as a seasoning to the usual diet can play the role of thin arms without knowing it.In addition, onions are rich in prostaglandin A,It can relax blood vessels,Earlier we mentioned that eating more foods that promote blood circulation can achieve a good effect of thin arms.Therefore, onions are also a good choice.


Grapefruit is a very popular fruit for weight loss in recent years.The acidic substances rich in grapefruit can promote digestion,In addition, rich vitamin C can play a very good role in weight loss.And grapefruit is a very low-calorie fruit,Contains almost no fat,The sugar content is also very low,So grapefruit is a good choice if you want to lose weight and thin arms.

What bad habits can cause fat on your arms

1. Lack of arm exercise

In work and life,We have more opportunities to use the lower arm,The upper arm is usually placed on the table,The frequency of exercise is relatively low,So many times it is easy to cause fat accumulation,Form bye bye meat.How to reduce arm fat

2. Poor upper limb lymphatic circulation

Because the lymphatic circulation of the upper limbs is not smooth,Water stays in the upper arm,Formation of edema.Coupled with poor blood circulation,New city metabolism is slow,The arms are naturally prone to fat.

3. Improper sitting posture

Often hunched over,Will make the trapezius, deltoid and triceps in a relaxed state,Over time, the fat in this part will increase,Form ugly bye-bye meat.

4. Genetic inheritance

The acquired diet and exercise will affect the body shape,Such as the thickness of the arm,But its main determinant is still controlled by genes.And now there are research proofs,The human body does have obesity genes,So there is meat by worship,It may also be caused by genetic inheritance.