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武汉夜生活网:What to do with eczema on the hands-how to treat eczema-

What should I do if I get eczema on my hands?How is eczema treated?

What should I do if I get eczema on my hands?How is eczema treated?If we have eczema on our hands in normal life,It’s not easy to tell,Because the symptoms of eczema and ringworm are very similar,Many people are easily confused,So if we have symptoms similar to eczema on our hands,You must carefully identify the symptomatic treatment,Then,How to treat hand eczema?Next, the health online website will introduce you relevant knowledge.

1. Local medication for hand eczema

First of all,The patient must control his hand,Never scratch at will,This will cause malignant irritation to the skin,The rash will also get worse,There may even be running water, erosions, and secondary infections.therefore,When eczema attacks, patients can apply rubbing locally,Or use medicinal liquid for wet compress to achieve the effect of anti-itch.In addition,Patients must quit smoking and alcohol,Can not eat too spicy and pungent food,Can not eat half-baked food.

2. TCM treatment of hand eczema

and also,Patients with eczema on their hands can also use traditional Chinese medicine to treat them.This kind of treatment is to get rid of the heat toxins accumulated in the body.Simultaneously,Using this method can quickly improve the patient’s physique,Make the patient’s body function return to normal.The more commonly used treatment methods in Chinese medicine include acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping and scraping, as well as internal treatment and external treatment.And in the process of treating eczema,The most commonly used treatment method in Chinese medicine is external treatment.

3. Folk remedies for hand eczema

3.1. Indigo Naturalis, talcum powder, 15 grams each,9 grams of borneol.Study the details together,Use sesame oil to make a paste,Apply externally to the affected area,3 times a day.

3.2. 10 grams of dry alum,30 grams of calamine,6 grams of borneol,Sophora flavescens 15 grams,We will study the details together,Apply externally to the affected area,2 times a daySprinkle powder directly on the eczema,External gauze dressing,Once a day.

3.4. 100 grams of Evodia,Grind the details,Add skin relaxing ointment to make a paste,External application of eczema,3 times a day.

3.5. Talc and calamine each 50 grams.10 grams of borneol,15 grams of Ai Ye.At the end of the study,Put it in a jar for use,Sprinkle on hand eczema,Sterilize gauze for external use.

3.6, Sophora flavescens,Pinch the purple garlic into mud and apply it to the affected area.3 times a day.It is effective in treating hand eczema.

Factors that cause hand eczema

1. Genetic factors: Many parents have allergic diseases or people with a history of genetic allergies in the family.It is easy to be allergic,Such people must be cautious.Clinically,Eczema is genetically predisposed,The heritability of hand eczema is as high as 50%.

2. Environmental factors: We all know that people who have been engaged in aquatic and chemical industries for a long time are prone to hand eczema because they have been in contact with irritants for a long time.One of the reasons for hand eczema is long-term contact with irritants.Causes hand eczema.At the same time, the living environment is sometimes the cause of eczema.Dry environment can cause itchy skin,Cause dermatitis,The living environment is sometimes affected by hot, humid, cold and other climates,It is easy to make people feel stuffy and breathless,Over time,It is easy to cause excessive moisture in the body,Poor blood,Toxins cannot be discharged in time,Cause skin lesions,Causes hand eczema.

3. Irritants: We said before that people who have been engaged in chemical industry for a long time will easily get hand eczema.Housewives are also a high-risk group of hand eczema. This is because they have been exposed to irritants for a long time.For example, most household detergents are alkaline ingredients.Long-term hand contact,It is easy to irritate the skin,Impaired sebum,This makes it easy for the hands to be invaded by bacteria and microorganisms,Very susceptible to infection.

What is the difference between hand eczema and hand ringworm

Hand eczema and hand ringworm both occur on the hand,But they are completely different diseases.Tinea hand is a fungal infectious skin disease.And hand eczema is an allergic disease.

Ringworm of the hand usually occurs in the palm or between the fingers,Dipping erosion or desquamation between the fingers, skin lesions of papules, papules, blisters.Often happens with one hand,Accompanied by thickening, filth, and shedding of nails,The skin lesions tested positive for fungus.Anti-fungal treatment can be used to treat ringworm of the hand.

And hand eczema usually occurs on the back of the fingers or the palms of the fingers, the back of the hands, and the wrists.The skin lesions are subacute or chronic eczema manifestations,Symptoms are papules, papules, blisters, erythema,Easy to ooze, the boundary is not clear, the distribution is symmetrical, and the fingers are often not involved,Skin cracks often occur in winter,The skin lesions were negative for fungus.

Regarding the treatment of hand eczema,The online editor of Health Care has given you a specific introduction,Hope it can help everyone,In addition,We need to remind friends,If you have eczema on your hands,Need to go to the hospital to clarify the cause,Then carry out targeted treatment.