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武汉sz和sn什么意思:Beijing Media: The championship team relies on hard power.The relegation group experience is the stepping stone插图

武汉sz和sn什么意思:Beijing Media: The championship team relies on hard power.The relegation group experience is the stepping stone

Beijing Media: The championship team relies on hard power.The relegation group experience is the stepping stone


On October 26th, the second round of the relegation group of the Chinese Super League Championship is about to start this week.”Beijing Daily” also summarized the first round of competition and looked forward to the second round of competition.

The semifinals are exactly the same as last season.The relegation team is the first two seasons“Newly promoted”,“strength”with“experience”Respectively become the keywords of this season’s Super League championship and relegation.

Championship group: strength is the last word

Affected by the epidemic,This season the Chinese Super League has adopted a special format,Both stages are all competition system,The second stage is to directly adopt the elimination system.Compared with the previous competition system,Such a match must be more accidental,But from the final result,The teams that entered the semi-finals this year are exactly the same as the semi-finals last year.They are Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG, Guoan and Suning.And this result also shows thatAt the level of the championship,Strength is the last word.

The top four produced,The next round of the matchup will follow.Defending champion Evergrande will usher in“Imperial Forest Army”Guoan’s challenge,The direct dialogue between the two teams is also widely regarded as an early championship battle.And SIPG has to face Suning,SIPG only thrilled to eliminate Shenhua through a penalty shootout after 120 minutes.The physical energy consumption of the players is not small,And Suning made steady progress,It is bound to cause no small trouble for SIPG’s promotion.

finally,The winner of these two games will participate in the championship finals.The strength of any of these four teams cannot be underestimated.perhaps“Fairy fight”These four words best describe the current situation of the championship team.

Relegation group: experience becomes the stepping stone

The championship team speaks by strength,This is not the case in the relegation group.The four teams that have not yet succeeded in relegation are Shenzhen, Yongchang, Zall and Huanghai.In the next round,Shenzhen will play against Yongchang,Zall against the Yellow Sea,The two losing teams will have a final relegation battle.

in fact,The number of 4 teams entering the relegation battle is surprising.After all, judging from the points and wins in the first stage,This result is somewhat“cold”.Shenzhen did not miss the championship team in the first stage until the final round.Zall has 5 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in the first 9 rounds.Was also expected to enter the championship group.It can be said,If it weren’t for them to play the game with all their strength at the end of the first stage,And if they are not met by TEDA and Jianye, who are very experienced in relegation,The result may be completely different.

But from another perspective,This result is expected.The 4 teams that have not been relegated are currently in the 2019 and 2020 seasons.“Newly promoted”.2019 season“Newly promoted”They are Zall and Shenzhen,Among them, Zall succeeded in relegation,After Shenzhen regrets being downgraded,Because of Tianjin Tianhai’s withdrawal and return to the Super League; the newly promoted for the 2020 season are Yongchang and Huanghai.Four Chinese Super League“Novice”,Facing the four experienced teams of TEDA, Dalian, Jianye and R&F,In the end, the collective defeated,It is enough to show how important experience is on the court.

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