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武汉水之梦收费明细:Falcons president: interim coach Morris has 11 games left his mark on the team插图

武汉水之梦收费明细:Falcons president: interim coach Morris has 11 games left his mark on the team

Falcons president: interim coach Morris has 11 games left his mark on the team


In his first game as the Atlanta Falcons interim coach,Raheem Morris made a good impression with helping the team achieve its first win of the season.And leading the team to get more victories this season may make him a regular.

Falcon President and CEO Rich McKay (Rich McKay) said in an interview with NFL Television Network on Friday that Morris should not only become the Falcon’s coach candidate,Should also be a candidate for any vacant coach position.

“Raheem’s unique situation is that he has 11 weeks,”McKay said.“What you don’t want to happen is to give the interim coach 11 weeks——Usually the interim coach will only have 2 to 3 weeks——But in this case,This is a good thing for Raheem.This gives him a really good opportunity to leave his mark on this team and our future game performance.So let’s finish the season first.We will support him by all means.We want to win as many games as possible,Obviously he should be a candidate for coach.He won this right.Anyway, he will be a candidate for every team this year,So should he be our candidate?Yes.In this case,He has 11 games to see what we can do.”

Morris coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2009 to 2011.Achieved a record of 17 wins and 31 losses.He led the team to 10 victories in 2010,But the first year and third year led the team to perform poorly.

Sometimes the second chance will allow the coach to adjust his approach.Morris has served as a coach in both the offensive and defensive teams in recent years.He also served as an assistant coach,Such an experience will definitely be of great benefit to him.He now has 11 games to prove his ability to the Falcons.

During last season,Morris was adjusted from the offensive assistant coach to the defensive assistant coach.And successfully rebounded the performance of the Falcons defensive team,This makes him considered to be expected to become the NFL team coach again.But in this season,The Falcons’ defensive team performed poorly,Eventually, coach Dan Quinn was fired.How well the Falcons defensive team can perform in the next game will determine how willing the Falcons or other teams are to hire Morris as their coach.

After facing a difficult schedule at the beginning of the season,Until the tenth week before the bye,The Falcon’s schedule will be a little easier.But the difficulty of the final schedule will increase again,They need to face the New Orleans Saints twice,Face the Tampa Bay Pirates twice and the Kansas City Chief.

The Falcons’ performance in the remaining games will determine Morris’ fate in the offseason next year.

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