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武汉汉口休闲会所招聘信息:Conte: Lukaku has been improving,Both Inter and I deserve to be treated fairly插图

武汉汉口休闲会所招聘信息:Conte: Lukaku has been improving,Both Inter and I deserve to be treated fairly

Conte: Lukaku has been improving,Both Inter and I deserve to be treated fairly


On October 25th, in the fifth round of Serie A that ended early this morning,In the second half, Lukaku and Dan Brosio scored successively.Inter Milan defeated Genoa 2-0.Conte accepted the media interview after the game.

Is this victory due to the patience of Inter Milan?

“We controlled the game from the beginning,Our goal on the court is to control everything,Just like what we did in previous games.sometimes,You may be able to break the deadlock very soon,However, in some cases,You need more time.We played well in the game against Borussia,Only let the opponent have two chances to shoot right,One of them was a penalty kick.Nowadays,Genoa didn’t even have a chance,We are aware of our abilities on the court,This makes me very satisfied.”

How important is it not to lose the ball and to play in a balanced way?

“In fact,We have never given our opponents a big chance.Inter Milan has made some mistakes before,Got some punishment,But this is a balanced team.You can discuss those data,But I must conduct a clearer and more accurate analysis.”

In the impression,When Bastoni played,Will the team be more aggressive?

“Bastoni has been in our team for more than a year,He knows the movement on the back line.New players need time to adapt to the team,So I am very happy that players like Coralo can inject experience and quality into the team.”

“What we should not forget is that we only have a short time to prepare for this season,Sometimes it is normal to need some training to adapt to the situation.Usually we do pre-season training,But we will be tested in a competitive schedule.La Nokia, Dam Brosio and Damian all played well tonight.La Nokia may leave us at the summer window,But he once again showed that he is a truly outstanding professional player.”

Where can Lukaku rank among the best forwards in the world?

“Lukaku is now a different player,Compared to a year ago,He has made progress in all aspects.past,I think he is an uncut diamond,This is why I always want to cooperate with him.He is improving himself every day,I improve the quality of my game every day.He has also been scoring goals,Of course, this point as a forward cannot be ignored.”

Is Eriksson not in the right place?

“I don’t like everyone holding on to Eriksson,He is like other players,Is a member of our team.It has its own characteristics,We are trying to make him play his best.He is always mentioned,This annoys me,He obviously won’t be a problem in the team.He is a positive player,We are doing everything possible to help him,Let him play the best football.All kinds of evaluations are wrong now,Inter Milan, Inter Milan players and myself should all be treated fairly.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)