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武汉大学生外援微信:Armed Police Jiangxi Corps accelerates the construction of non-commissioned officers

Armed Police Jiangxi Corps accelerates the construction of non-commissioned officers

Analyze the characteristics of the terrain, plot the course of action. Recently,An unfamiliar area in northern Jiangxi,A red-blue confrontation drill of the Armed Police Jiangxi Corps kicked off.On the combat command seat,Several non-commissioned officers quickly analyzed intelligence information and judged the battlefield situation.Assist the commander in making combat determination,The special forces team successfully handled multiple special situations according to the deployment.

Let the non-commissioned officer walk into the “Central Military Account”,It is one of the explorations of the corps aiming at the battlefield to promote the construction of the non-commissioned officer staff.”Non-commissioned officers must have strong professionalism,Must be able to direct and manage.”The leader of the team said.

Identify the correct function positioning,The division of duties must be clear.The corps organized a special exchange meeting,Separate different professional positions to formulate a “list of rights and responsibilities”,Draw a “work flow chart” for noncommissioned officers,Create a talent training path of “precise positioning, fine training, and precise energy release”.In addition,They established a classification and classification professional training mechanism,Regularly organize the backbone of non-commissioned officers to conduct staff training,Invite academic experts and outstanding staff to carry out targeted teaching,Tailor training programs for non-commissioned officers.They also adopt the last elimination system,Take advantage of opportunities such as confrontation drills,Incorporate non-commissioned officers into the command and formation operations,The non-commissioned officers are assessed on seven aspects including command and control and battlefield management.Force the non-commissioned officers to continuously improve their ability to perform their duties.

Not long ago,The team organizes quarterly assessments,The appraisal group sets special conditions on the occasion,Many suggestions made by the non-commissioned officer were adopted,The actual combat skills have been significantly improved.