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爬花楼武汉:Bloodstone,Zhang Zizhong’s Military Soul

Bloodstone,Zhang Zizhong’s Military Soul

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.The Propaganda Office of the Political Work Department of the People’s Daily Online and the Academy of Military Political Work,The Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution launched a column “Decoding: The History of War of Resistance Behind Cultural Relics”,Invite 10 experts from the PLA Party History and Military History Research Center of the Academy of Military Political Work of the Academy of Military Sciences,From the perspective of cultural relics,Extending the interpretation of classic battle cases, heroes and war spirits in the Anti-Japanese War.

[Introduction of this issue-Bloodstone,Zhang Zizhong’s Army Soul]

These are two ordinary stones,What is striking is their special color,They came from the anti-Japanese battlefield,The blood of a martyr stained them red,And this martyr is Zhang Zizhong, the national hero of the Anti-Japanese War.May 16, 1940,Zhang Zizhong has the grand ambition of “I die, the country will live”,He died in his country.The Japanese army was in awe for his heroism,The National Government held a state funeral for him,One hundred thousand people helped him off,Zhou Enlai called it the “soul of Chinese soldiers”!Zhang Zizhong’s generosity to death writes the heroic spirit of “I recommend Xuanyuan with my blood” on the bloodstone,The hills where the loyal soul lingers are also sung by the world forever.