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武汉水之梦收费明细:Both parties to conflict in Libya reach permanent ceasefire agreement

Libyan conflict parties reach “permanent” ceasefire agreement

  Both parties to the conflict in Libya signed a “permanent” ceasefire agreement on the 23rd.And “effective immediately”.

  Under the mediation of the United Nations,The conflicting parties started a new round of negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland on the 19th.Finally reached a ceasefire agreement and held a signing ceremony.

  Stephanie Williams, Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Libya, announced at a press conference on the 23rd,This is a “permanent” ceasefire agreement that is “complete” and “applicable to the entire territory of Libya”.Effective immediately.

  According to the agreement,All military forces and armed organizations on the front lines of the war should return to the camp; from now on,”All mercenaries and foreign fighters” should leave Libyan territory, airspace and territorial waters within three months.In addition,Williams said,Both parties to the conflict will form a joint police force.

  After the Muammar Gaddafi regime was overthrown in 2011,Libya fell into civil strife and division,The two major forces gradually formed a state of separation.The national unity government and the armed forces supporting it control the capital Tripoli and other western regions,The National Congress formed an alliance with the “National Army” led by Khalifa Haftar,Control the eastern and central regions, major southern cities and some western cities.The Government of National Unity was recognized by the United Nations and supported by Turkey and Qatar.The “National Army” received support from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia, and France.

  Tripoli, where the “National Army” began its offensive last spring,The momentum was like a broken bamboo.With the aid of Turkey, the national unity government forces,Gradually stabilize the position and counterattack,Repelled the “National Army” in June this year,The two sides subsequently stalemate in the central city of Sirte.

  The National Unity Government and the National Congress announced a ceasefire in August,Call for the establishment of a demilitarized zone in Sirte and the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections.The two sides reached a preliminary consensus in September on the exchange of detainees and the opening of air and land transportation.The Prime Minister of the Unity Government Fayez Saraje announced in September that he would resign before the end of October.Call for the formation of a new administrative agency,Ensure a smooth transition of power in Libya.

  On the day the two sides signed the ceasefire agreement,A passenger plane flew from Tripoli to the eastern city of Benghazi for the first time in more than a year.

  Williams said,There is still much work to be done to implement this ceasefire agreement,It is hoped that it will pave the way for a complete solution to Libya’s long-standing crisis.

  In view of the failure of previous ceasefires and the failure of diplomatic efforts,Some people have doubts about whether the latest ceasefire agreement can really be implemented.A Tripoli resident told Reuters: “If there is no force or mechanism to drive out mercenaries, stop all foreign armed forces, disband all militias, and collect all weapons,This agreement will be just a dead letter.”

  The European Union welcomes the agreement reached between the two parties for a permanent ceasefire.Saying that this is a crucial step in resuming political dialogue,Urge immediate implementation.

  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said,It is hoped that the two sides can achieve a ceasefire.but,He also expressed doubts whether the agreement could be implemented.The reason is that it is “not reached at the highest level.”(Hui Xiaoshuang) (Special feature)