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武汉汉口休闲会所招聘信息:Brandishing the sanctions stick,Disrupt the global economic order

Brandishing the sanctions stick,Disrupt the global economic order

  A few days ago,The U.S. government gave an ultimatum,The enterprises involved in the construction of the “Beixi-2” project are required to withdraw within the prescribed time limit,Otherwise it will face sanctions,This move triggered strong dissatisfaction from its ally Germany.The United States has abused its dominant position in global financial trade and other fields,Wantonly waving the sanctions stick,Intimidate to bully competitors,Engage in unilateralism,According to international regulations, there is nothing,Disrupt the global economic order,Threatening global economic security.

  The United States recklessly imposes unilateral sanctions on sovereign countries and legally operating enterprises of other countries.This has caused huge obstacles to normal global economic and trade cooperation.The United States has imposed a series of systemic sanctions on countries such as Iran, Syria, Cuba, and Venezuela.Including controlling the flow of funds, freezing U.S. dollar assets and foreign exchange reserves, and jointly suppressing third parties with whom it trades.Not only endangers the national economy and people’s livelihood of these countries,It also violated their right to freely participate in international economic and trade activities.The United States wields a big stick of sanctions,Even if he is not soft on his allies.It is precisely because it is determined that the “Beixi-2” project has an impact on the U.S. natural gas industry and harms its geopolitical interests in Eurasia.The United States threatened to impose sanctions on participating companies.German Chancellor Merkel pointed out thatAlthough the United States threatened to impose sanctions,However, the “Beixi-2” project will still be completed.German Foreign Minister Maas said,Europe’s energy security should be decided by Europe itself.If the US further sanctions,Germany will take retaliatory measures.

  The United States ignores WTO rules,Tariffs are levied at every turn,Frequently provoke international economic and trade frictions,Seriously impact the multilateral trading system.The U.S. imposed additional tariffs on EU large civil aircraft and agricultural products,Impose tariffs on Canadian aluminum products,Unilaterally provoking a trade war against China,Long-term obstruction of the selection of judges from the Appellate Body of the WTO Dispute Resolution Mechanism,Eventually this mechanism was suspended.For international trade rules,The United States will use it if it is in harmony, or discard it if it is not.Maximizing self-interest is the only criterion,For this reason, we can destroy the international trading system at any cost,Mess up the world.According to the research report of the WTO,The U.S. has become the biggest “unruly person” ruled by the WTO.Two thirds of WTO violations are caused by the United States.In response to U.S. practices that undermine the international trading system,Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stieglitz pointed out thatThis kind of distance from global cooperation,Practices that run counter to international agreements,Not only harms the interests of other countries,It also hurts the self-interest of the United States.

  The United States violated the principle of fair competition,Continue to adopt organized and systematic economic bullying against non-US competitors,Severely distorted the global market economic environment,Interfere with the normal development of global industrial chains and supply chains.In order to maintain its monopoly advantage in the high-tech field,The United States is trying to contain its competitors in the high-tech field,Japan’s Toshiba, France’s Alstom, Sweden’s Ericsson, and Germany’s Siemens have long experienced their bullying techniques.current,The United States repeats its old tricks,Unreasonably suppressed Chinese high-tech companies such as Huawei,Trigger the global chip industry chain “huge shock”,The share prices of many international chip manufacturers fell in response.British “The Economist” reported,Huawei’s American suppliers are also in trouble,The American Semiconductor Industry Association expressed “shock and concern” about the government’s actions.The US’s pursuit of “technological hegemony”,It is turning itself into a “stumbling block” to the development of world economy, science and technology and human progress.

  The United States led the design of the post-war political and economic order based on its own strength advantages and obtained considerable benefits from it.When the monopoly advantage gradually disappears and the appetite for “America First” cannot be satisfied,The authorities are not participating in the competition,Lead innovation,Defend the rules,Instead, it abuses sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction,Suppress non-US competitors,Impose the “rule of the jungle” on the world,Rudely disrupt the global economic order.current,The new crown epidemic is still raging,The globalization process has encountered headwinds,Only to strengthen cooperation,Financial market,Maintenance rules,The cake of the global economy can grow bigger and bigger.The U.S. wielded the sanctions stick wantonlyIs moving against the trend,His attempt to seek personal gain by bullying is destined to fail.

  (Beijing, October 27th)