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武汉 新茶 微信:Colombian Vice President Tests Positive for Covid-19

Colombian Vice President Tests Positive for Covid-19

Original Title: Colombian Vice President Tested Positive for New Coronavirus

  Bogota, October 23 (Reporter Gao Chunyu) Colombian Vice President Ramirez said on the 23rd,She tested positive for the latest coronavirus.

  Ramirez, 66, said on social media that day,Because I plan to participate in the governor’s meeting this week in Manizales, Caldas, central Colombia,She was tested for the new coronavirus on the 22nd.After knowing the test result,She cancelled the trip.

  Ramirez said,She currently has no symptoms,”Good condition”,Quarantine has started accordingly.She called on the people to adhere to the epidemic prevention regulations,Ensure continued safe resumption of work and production.

  Colombia is a country with a more serious new crown epidemic in Latin America.Many politicians have been diagnosed with the new crown virus.According to data released by the National Institutes of Health on the 23rd,There were 8,672 new confirmed cases in the country that day,A total of 998,942 confirmed cases; 166 new deaths,A total of 29,802 deaths occurred.