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东西湖洗脚带饼子:Dialogue mission in the Gulf of Aden

Dialogue mission in the Gulf of Aden

东西湖洗脚带饼子:Dialogue mission in the Gulf of Aden插图

September 3,The officers and soldiers of the Taiyuan ship learned the important speech of President Xi by watching CCTV videos.

“In the Gulf of Aden, thousands of miles away from the motherland,Hearing the five ‘Never Promise’ that President Xi talked about,I feel very excited,I also feel heavy responsibility.”Special Forces member Sun Zhongyi said excitedly.”As a special fighter,It’s just to develop a strong ability,Respond to emergencies at any time,Carrying on our mission and responsibilities with practical actions.”

September 3,The 35th escort fleet of the Navy, which is performing escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and the waters of Somalia, closely follows its mission and deepens thematic educationCommemorating the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War,Organize party day activities with the theme of “Promoting the Anti-Japanese Spirit and Taking on the Mission of Escort”,Conduct special topic learning and exchange discussions.

东西湖洗脚带饼子:Dialogue mission in the Gulf of Aden插图(1)

September 3,The officers and soldiers of the Taiyuan ship learned the important speech of President Xi by watching CCTV videos.

“Faced with new challenges such as sudden changes in the international situation, severe threats to the enemy, and global spread of the epidemic,We have not stayed in Hong Kong for more than four months and have been fighting to stay on the front line of escort.Inherit and promote the great spirit of the War of Resistance,To us,In particular, we must inherit the heroic spirit of the martyrs who defy violence and fight to the end,Perseverance and perseverance belief in victory.”The words of Zhang Tao, the political instructor of the Taiyuan ship department aroused everyone’s sympathy.

“Every time I hear the content of the thank you letter from the escorted ship,There is always a warm current coming to my heart,Escort me,It’s worth it.”The helicopter pilot continued Yincheng.

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The 35th batch of special forces of the Navy’s escort formation (Sun Zhongyi) went out in a high-speed boat.

“The enemy is on the bottom of the sea,The enemy is all around.”Li Dong, a sonar soldier on the Jingzhou ship, said that when he heard the noise of unknown underwater targets,Said with deep feeling.”Departure to sail, escort to fight” is not just a slogan.It should be the actual combat state of “being ready to fight and be ready to fight.”

“We have the heart to cherish peace,More power to maintain peace,Never afraid of provocation,Never fear war.”For days,The formation also carried out solid situation and combat readiness education,Learn battle history, battle examples, battle heroes,Writing experience,Concentrated screening of “Tokyo Trial” and other red movies,Through television, radio, express news and other channels to educate and guide the officers and soldiers to inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the war of resistance,Take on the responsibility of a strong army,Enhance awareness of worry, crisis, and warfare,Continuously improve the ability to fulfill missions in the new era.

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The 35th batch of helicopter pilots of the Navy’s escort formation continued to fly into the air in Yincheng as a warning for merchant ships.

“The Chinese navy escort formation is a peaceful Chinese force.Guard the safety of sea passages,Resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests,It is our sacred mission.”The formation commander Ji Lejiang said,”Faced with the severe test brought about by ultra-long and ultra-high-intensity maritime combat readiness,We insist on using active, effective, flexible and diverse education guidance to gather the morale of the army and inspire the spirit of struggle.All officers and soldiers have always maintained the high morale and belief in victory to bear heavy burdens and move forward bravely.”

As of September 3, local time,The Navy’s 35th escort fleet has completed 22 escort missions for 41 ships.(Photographic report: Jiang Shan Yue Renhong)