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汉川剁饼子论坛:France recalls its ambassador to Turkey

France recalls its ambassador to Turkey

Paris, October 25 (Reporter Tang Ji) The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 25th, saying,In view of the Turkish government’s improper remarks and insults to the French head of state in the attack on the city of Conflans-Saint-Honoreine in the northwestern suburb of ParisFrance recalled its ambassador to Turkey on the same day.

The statement said,After the murder of the middle school teacher in Conflan-Saint Honorine,The Turkish government did not condemn terrorism or support France,But “spreading hatred and defamatory remarks against France”,Directly insult French President Macron,This behavior is “unacceptable”.France recalled its ambassador to Turkey on the 25th.

A knife attack occurred in the city of Confranc-Saint-Honolinne on the 16th.A teacher showed cartoons involving religion to students in class,He was attacked and killed by a Chechen man.French President Macron immediately condemned the “terrorist attack.”And said that the government will take firm and rapid action.

According to French media reports,Turkish President Erdogan expressed dissatisfaction with the French government’s measures.In a televised speech, Macron “needs a mental examination.”Macron said,Erdogan’s speech was “unacceptable.”