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:Guiyang Detachment of the Armed Police Guizhou Corps explores a new model of online education

Guiyang Detachment of the Armed Police Guizhou Corps explores a new model of online education

Original Title: Platform-led  Interest Guidance  Data Guidance

“Stand well in every shift,To achieve the ultimate in ordinary little things,It has value and meaning.” In early October,Zhou Shunyi, a college student soldier of a squadron of the Guiyang Detachment of the Armed Police Guizhou Corps,After watching the interview video on the theme of “The Most Ordinary Shows Loyalty” by Wang Bin, the “Star of the Strong Army” of the detachment,Write down the experience in the message area.

“Due to fluctuations in thought,Xiao Zhou was a little negative in training,His current transformation is one of the gratifying results brought by our exploration of a new model of online education.”Xu Di, director of the political work department of the detachment, said,Detachment to carry out ideological and political education is faced with difficulties such as heavy duty, scattered positions, and difficulty in concentrating this end,The party committee of the detachment actively explores the online education model of “platform-led + interest-led + data-led”,Take, WeChat official account and other network platforms as the main position,Create an online education matrix,Promote the quality and efficiency of education.

Bingyan and military talk into the hearts of soldiers.In terms of platform content push,The detachment insists on interest guidance,Encourage “grassroots” creation and military talk about military affairs; explore ways that officers and soldiers love to tell red stories and convey the power of example.Guide the officers and soldiers to inherit the red gene and take on the important task of strengthening the army.Data from the detachment’s network platform shows that”The appearance of a strong army pacesetter”, “Grandpa’s battle story begins”, “Bloody 60 Seconds” and other special column content “eye-catching”,The number of views and likes keeps rising.

Data analysis helps to find the education bullseye.”After the “Awareness of a Strong Army Model” micro-class video went live,Many officers and soldiers left messages reflecting that the video was too long.”Yu Xingyong, chief of the publicity section of the detachment, said,According to the recommendations of officers and soldiers,After reorganizing, it will be launched again in the form of short videos, comics, etc.,The click-through rate has increased significantly.

“By analyzing data such as hits and read completion rates,We can more accurately adjust the content of education and master the progress of education,Realize education’precise drip irrigation’.”Yu Xingyong said happily.