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:Guterres calls for vaccines to become global public goods

Guterres calls for vaccines to become global public goods

Berlin, October 25 (Reporter Ren Ke Zhang Yirong) At the 2020 World Health Summit that opened on the 25th,UN Secretary-General Guterres called for strengthening international cooperation in response to the epidemic through a video speech.Make vaccines a global public product.

Affected by the new crown epidemic,The summit originally planned to be held in Berlin was changed to be held online.At the opening ceremony on the evening of the 25th,Guterres said through a video speech,The world has learned many experiences and lessons from the new crown epidemic,The first is insufficient preparation,The second is that we are not powerless,As long as we respect science and unite,Humans can defeat the pandemic.He called for strengthening international cooperation,Make sure that vaccine development benefits everyone,Make vaccines a global public product.

Officials, scholars, industry and society representatives from many countries and regions around the world participated in this World Health Summit.There were 50 group discussions in the 3-day meeting.More than 300 conference speakers will participate in the discussion through online video connections.

Europe and other places have recently been affected by the second wave of COVID-19.In the group discussion that day,Health experts from various countries discussed how to control the epidemic through medical intervention and multilateral public health cooperation during the COVID-19 period.The application of digitization and artificial intelligence in responding to the epidemic and the experience of various places in response to the epidemic are also the focus of discussion.

European Commission President Von der Lein said at the opening ceremony,Only through global medical cooperation rather than competition can the health of all human beings be improved.German President Steinmeier believes thatOnly the spirit of cooperation can defeat the new crown pandemic.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization Tan Desai said,Only united,To save lives,Stabilize the medical system,Promote global recovery.

In addition,Climate change and health, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and digital healthcare are also the central topics of this conference.

The World Health Summit was organized by the M8 alliance composed of 28 global universities and research institutions.It will be held in Berlin every October since 2009.The purpose of the conference is to promote constructive exchanges among experts in scientific research, politics, industry and social interests.By strengthening partnerships and international cooperation,Improve the global healthcare system and services.