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:2020 China Athletics Street Tour ends

2020 China Athletics Street Tour ends

  Our newspaper, Beijing, November 1st  (Reporter Liu Shuoyang) On the evening of October 29,Chunxi Road in Chengdu, Sichuan ushered in the final battle of the 2020 China Athletics Street Tour.The competition in this station was contested in two events: men’s pole vault and women’s pole vault.In the end, Yao Jie and Niu Chunge won the championship.

  In the men’s pole vault competition,Yao Jie, who won the National Track and Field Championships in September, started a test jump from a height of 5.15 meters.Then it successfully leaped over the heights of 5 meters 30 and 5 meters 40,When trying to jump at a height of 5 meters 50,Yao Jie used two opportunities to successfully jump over the bar.Winning the championship also refreshed his personal best results of the season.This is the third time Yao Jie won the street tour championship.In the women’s pole vault competition,Niu Chunge, who represented Xi’an Institute of Physical Education, won the championship with a score of 4.30 meters.

  With the end of the Chengdu race,The 2020 China Athletics Street Tour ends.

  ”People’s Daily” (version 15 on November 02, 2020)