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武汉江夏饼子一条街:Ah Tijiang: Seeing and solving problems,Instead of avoiding

Ah Tijiang: Seeing and solving problems,Instead of avoiding

Original title: Ah Dejiang: Seeing and solving problems,Instead of avoiding

   Xinhua News Agency, Zhejiang, October 30th (Reporters Su Bin and Xia Liang) In the sixth round of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) on the 30th,The Xinjiang team withstood a strong counterattack from the Jiangsu team in the last quarter.It won 113:100.But the Xinjiang team lost 14 points in the final quarter.It’s hard to satisfy the head coach Ah Teh Jiang.He said the team needs to see and solve problems,Instead of avoiding.

   The Xinjiang team has changed a lot this season.Kelan Beike, Xirelijiang, Yu Changdong and others left the team.More young players enter the rotation lineup.But Ah Tijiang thinks,Being young will not be an excuse for the team.

   “Up to now, there are overall ups and downs.But it’s still good.We have to solve the problem while seeing the problem,Rather than avoiding the problem.”A Dejiang said.

   he thinks,You can’t just play with six or seven people,Must rely on the team,More people perform their duties on the court.”After all, the league is a long process.Some good (phenomenon) emerged,Also exposed some shortcomings,This is exactly what happens when young teams grow up.See the problem,Solve the problem,We can reach the goal of playing one game further.”

   After entering the second quarter with a 1-point advantage,The Jiangsu team took the lead in a wave of 7:0,But the Xinjiang team quickly responded with 7 points in a row.Zeng Lingxu and Zhou Qi made two consecutive three-pointers to help Xinjiang team overtake the score.Zhou Qi scored 15 points in a single quarter,The Xinjiang team led 52:45 at halftime.Rutubura, who scored 25 points in the game, hit the basket continuously in the second half to get free throw opportunities.The Xinjiang team gradually expanded its lead,The first three quarters ended with a 27-point advantage.After both sides put in substitute players in the last quarter,The Jiangsu team once chased the difference to 10 points.But the Xinjiang team stabilized their position and finally won.

   “There is no reason to lose 14 points in the fourth quarter.Some young players must pay great attention to this link.”Adijiang said,Although I won the game,There are still places to summarize,Otherwise, training young players will not be targeted.It will not achieve the purpose.

   Xinjiang defender Yu Dehao, who sent out 10 assists, said frankly,”The hard work of the Jiangsu team in the fourth quarter is worth learning.They did not give up,Instead, we won the game as if we gave up.”

   Li Nan, the head coach of the Jiangsu team, expressed satisfaction with the players’ hard work.”When the fourth quarter was behind by a big score,This group of young players did a great job,They also have the ability to do better in subsequent games.”