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汉口可以放水的店:Beijing team won the National Men’s Volleyball Championship

Beijing team won the National Men’s Volleyball Championship

Original title: Beijing team won the National Men’s Volleyball Championship

  Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, October 28th (Reporters Wu Jianfeng and Lin Chao) The 2020 National Men’s Volleyball Championship ended on the 28th in Zhangzhou, Fujian, the competition for the last day of the match.The Beijing team defeated Zhejiang team 3:1 in the final to win the championship.

  Previously,Both teams reached the final with eight wins.Strength is inseparable.At the beginning of the game,The experienced Beijing team took the lead in entering the state,Their post tactics against Zhang Jingyin are quite effective.Firmly grasp the leading edge,Although there was a short fluctuation midway and was equalized by the opponent,But relying on Liu Libin’s strong serve,The Beijing team took the lead with 25:20.

  Second round,The score of the two sides rose alternately to 21 level,The Zhejiang team withstood the pressure at the critical moment,Scored 2 points in a row and took the lead with 23:21,Zhang Jingyin’s final goal helped the team win back a city with 25:23.The third round,With excellent blocking,The Zhejiang team took the lead in 8:5,However, the team made mistakes afterwards.Give the opponent a chance to overtake the score,The Beijing team scored 25:21.

  Fourth round,The Zhejiang team’s lack of experience has been exposed again,The team made mistakes on both ends of the offense and defense,The Beijing team took the opportunity to make a 5:1 start,Then the Zhejiang team struggled to chase points,Once the score was tied to 20,But at the critical moment,The team spikes out of bounds consecutively,Give up the lead,In the end, Jiang Chuan scored directly with a serve.The final score is fixed at 25:21,The Beijing team defeated Zhejiang team 3:1 to win the championship.

  ”Because it is the champion and runner-up finals,The young players have not experienced it.Playing tighter than yesterday,There are many mistakes.Due to psychological pressure,Only played half the level.Wu Sheng, the coach of Zhejiang Men’s Volleyball Team, said after the match.

  ”Zhejiang is a strong team,Although the score is 3:1,But the process is very difficult.”The Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team said after the Yangtze River match,Compared to champions,The bigger gain of this championship team is that they have undergone training.On the one hand, the team ran into the new lineup,Strength has improved,On the other hand, some shortcomings were also found,For example, the ability to seize opportunities is not enough.

  Other games of the day,The Shandong team swept the Jiangsu team 3:0 and won the third place.The Guangdong team beat the Sichuan team 3:0,The Shanghai team defeated the Hebei team 3:1.So far,The current National Men’s Volleyball Championship came to an end,The top eight places are Beijing, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shanghai, Hebei.