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武汉剁饼子交流:Bundesliga synthesis: Lewand’s hat trick Bayern wins,Rurdby Dott wins

Bundesliga synthesis: Lewand’s “hat trick” Bayern wins,”Rurdby” Dott wins

Original title: Bundesliga synthesis: Lewand’s “hat trick” Bayern wins,”Rurdby” Dott wins

  Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, October 24th (Wei Qi) The fifth round of the German Football League in the 2020-2021 season will start 5 matches on the 24th.Bayern beat Frankfurt 5:0,Levan staged a “hat trick” in the game.Dortmund easily won 3-0 in the “Rurdby” against Schalke 04.

  Lewanne penetrated Frankfurt’s defense line three times in a row in 60 minutes,Determine the ownership of the game victory.Opening 10 minutes,After Koeman and Mueller completed short passes,Tuck the ball into the penalty area,Lewand shot with left foot,First record for Bayern.26 minutes,Lewandg received a corner kick from Kimmich,Headed goalkeeper expanded the score.Easy side to fight again,60 minutes,Costa sent a wonderful pass in the front court,After receiving the ball, Lewand took a shot with two defenders.Complete the “Hat Trick”.

  68 minutes,Winger Sane played for Costa,He returned to the game after a truce due to injury for nearly a month.It only took 5 minutes,Sane scored the goal.After he dribbled the ball inside on the right,A wonderful left-footed shot continued to expand the score.At the end of the game,The 17-year-old Mushala, who came off the bench, pushed in front of the goal.The score is set at 5:0.Although Bayern had a big victory in this game,But he lost a violent general.Less than 1 minute after the opening,Full back Davis accidentally sprained his right foot without physical confrontation.Bayern coach Flick said after the game,Davis ligament injury,Expected to be absent for 6 to 8 weeks.

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic,The always popular “Rurdby” can only have 300 fans come to the scene to cheer.Facing Schalke 04 at a trough,Dortmund has an absolute advantage,The ball possession rate of the whole game reached 75%.Dortmund shot 18 times in the game,And Schalke 04 only shot 3 times.but,Schalke 04 was extremely tenacious defensively in the first half.Dortmund failed many attacks without success.Both sides entered the intermission 0:0.

  In the second half,55 minutes,Dortmund central defender Akangi scored from a corner kick.Break the deadlock on the court.6 minutes later,Sanchosze ball to the penalty area,Harland shot to expand the score to 2:0.78 minutes,Former German international Hummels headed for a corner kick.

  On the same day,The Bundesliga “leader” Leipzig lost a goal first,2:1 reverse the game,Defeated the visiting Hertha Berlin,1 point ahead of second place Bayern in the standings,Continue to lead the Bundesliga.Monchengladbach scored with a header from Germany international Ginttel in the 83rd minute.The away game narrowly beat Mainz 3:2.After 5 rounds of the league,Mainz ranked first from the bottom,It is the only team that has lost all 5 games.Berlin United shook hands with Freiburg 1:1 at home.