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体验武汉小雨家:CBA Comprehensive News: Beijing Enterprises lost to Qingdao and Xinjiang beats Tongxi

CBA Comprehensive News: Beijing Enterprises lost to Qingdao and Xinjiang beats Tongxi

Original Title: CBA Comprehensive News: Beijing Enterprises lost to Qingdao, Xinjiang beats Tongxi

  Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, October 26th, by reporter Yao Youming on the 26th,The 2020-2021 season Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) ushered in two regular season fourth rounds.The Qingdao team continued to advance,Defeated Beijing Enterprises 127:95,The Xinjiang team relied on Zhou Qi’s large “double-double” performance,The team beat Tongxi 116:94.

  After the opening of the game, the opponents offered a wave of 11:5 scoring climax.Driven by Sun Yue, Li Gen, and Yu Changdong, who has returned from injury, and other players with CBA championship rings,Beijing Enterprises took the lead with 1 minute 45 seconds left in the first quarter.Subsequently,The Qingdao team once again hit a 5:0 climax,Leading Beijing Enterprises at 29:26 in the first quarter.

  After Qingdao’s foreign aid Adams played in the second quarter,The North Control Team, which only sent the “All China Class” to respond, gradually became passive at both the offensive and defensive ends.The Qingdao team seized the opportunity,Established a double-digit lead.North Control player Wang Shaojie left the field without a confrontation.The Qingdao team held a 16-point lead after halftime.

  Qingdao team blossomed more in the second half,Many players have entered a virtuous circle where the more they score, the more confident they are, and the more confident they are, the more they score.The North Control team seemed a little impatient when facing the opponent’s joint defense tactics.The gap with the opponent has also been widened.The fourth quarter,Veteran Sun Yue was injured in a defense process,He was then carried out of the court by a stretcher.finally,The Qingdao team had a big victory,And Beijing Enterprises not only lost the game,”The leak in the house happened to be rainy night”,Lost Sun Yue and Wang Shaojie two generals.

  The whole game,Although Adams only played halftime,But still got 27 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists in the “quasi-triple double” data.Five of the Qingdao team scored in double figures.Only one of the 12 players on the stage failed to score.After defeating the Beikong team,They have won four consecutive victories.

  In another game,Xinjiang team led Tongxi team 57:37 at halftime,Although the Tongxi team won back 7 points in the third quarter,But in the end, the Xinjiang team defeated their opponents by a big score.Xinjiang team Tang Caiyu scored a game-high 23 points.Zhou Qi handed over an excellent report of 22 points and 19 rebounds.After losing to the Xinjiang team,The Tongxi team swallowed the result of a losing streak.

  27th,The fifth round of the regular season will start,Zhejiang will usher in a “derby game” in the same province with Guangsha,The Shanxi team will play against the Shenzhen team,One of the two teams will stop the recent losing streak.