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武汉后湖养生sz:CBA: Liaoning’s five-game winning streak Yang Ming is still dissatisfied with Jiangsu’s first victory, Li Nan still feels pressure

CBA: Liaoning’s five-game winning streak Yang Ming is still dissatisfied with Jiangsu’s first victory, Li Nan still feels pressure

Original Title: CBA Comprehensive News: Liaoning’s five-game winning streak is still not satisfied with Yang Ming, Jiangsu’s first win, Li Nan still feels pressure

  Xinhua News Agency, Zhuji, Zhejiang, October 28 (Reporter Zhang Zewei) The 2020-2021 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) will continue the fifth round of competition on the 28th.The Liaoning team easily defeated the Tianjin team,Ushered in five consecutive victories,But “Young Marshal” Yang Ming is still not satisfied.I think the team is not focused enough; the Jiangsu team led by Li Nan narrowly beat the hot Qingdao team.First taste of victory,But the former national team coach still feels “a lot of pressure.”

  It is almost a certainty that the strong Liaoning team will win Tianjin.But I didn’t expect it to start so smoothly,There was a 25:2 disparity in the opening,Liaoning entered the second quarter with a huge advantage of 37:10.Although the Tianjin team has stabilized since then,And at the end of the quarter, the difference was reduced to 15 points,However, the Liaoning team still relied on the overall advantage of 7 people in scoring double figures.Won with 119:91.

  The five-game winning streak did not make “Young Marshal” Yang Ming complacent.On the contrary, he is not satisfied with the team’s game concentration.”I have always emphasized that the team must remain dedicated and focused for 48 minutes.But we were a little loose in the third quarter of this game.”Yang Ming said,”In every game since the new season, we will have two to three stages of relaxation or large fluctuations in our state.This is a big problem.”

  Yang Ming still dare not take it lightly when he wins.As you can imagine,How much pressure should be on Li Nan, who has suffered a four-game losing streak.but,Facing the Qingdao team, which has remained unbeaten since the start of the match,Li Nan’s Jiangsu team had the last laugh.

  Under the leadership of foreign aid Adams,The Qingdao team led by 7 points in the first half.But in the second half, the Jiangsu team began to exert force.Especially Shi Hongfei made a sudden investment,The highest score of 31 points,Lead the team to a 114:113 victory in the final moments.

  The Jiangsu team, which scored in double figures with six players, finally won the first victory of the season.Head coach Li Nan still lamented “the pressure” after the game.”Anti-Adams, a super small foreign aid, puts a lot of pressure on us.We can only keep learning through this exercise,Can gradually build confidence.”Li Nan said.”Now we have many young players,Foreign aid from other teams also arrived one after another.We are under great pressure.”

  In other games of the day,The Xinjiang team narrowly beat Shandong by 99:97,The Jilin team defeated the Dragons and Lions 99:87,Tongxi lost to Beijing Control in 82:110.

  29th,CBA will usher in three games in the sixth round,The defending champion Guangdong team will face Shanghai,The Beijing team will face Fujian,The Shanxi team challenged Guangsha.