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东西湖洗脚带饼子:CBA: Purify the environment of the competition field   will be in line with international standards

CBA: Purification of the environment

Original title: CBA League Referee Office: Purify the environment of the game   align the judging standards with international standards

   Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 29 (Wang Jingyu, Wu Bowen) The CBA Alliance released an official long picture on the 29th.Explain in detail the ten major changes in the special regulations of the CBA league this season.

   The head of the CBA League Referee Office said,Some changes have taken place in the “special regulations and interpretation” of the CBA League this season.The CBA League has formulated the “key points” of the new season,The starting point is to integrate the standards of the adjudication with international standards,Purify the stadium environment,Carry forward the positive energy of the league.

   The person in charge said,Late in the rematch last season,There was a bad phenomenon in some games,For example, coaches and athletes endlessly criticize and complain about referees on the field,Wounding actions also appeared frequently.According to the statistics,During the 2019 Men’s Basketball World Cup,The number of fouls committed by the Chinese team ranks fifth among the 32 teams.Hand fouls are also ranked first,This shows from the side that our league played too loosely on illegal hand fouls.In addition,In the CBA league, the behavior of “fouling by deception” (flopping) is getting worse.Based on,This season, the CBA League has introduced new rules for the judging.

   There are three main focus points for this season.The first is to strictly penalize illegal hand-fouling; the second is to strictly punish and manage “fouling by fraud” (flop) actions; the third is to further tighten the management of the stadium.Especially the coaches and the team bench are strictly managed; the fourth is to strictly punish wounding actions.

   The head of the CBA League Referee Office finally stated,The exciting and fierce competition of CBA needs to be guaranteed by a good order of the court.The promotion of the CBA League should be full of positive energy.