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武汉汉口休闲会所招聘信息:Central Russian Air Defense Division is equipped with Sky-M radar

The Central Russian Air Defense Division is equipped with “Sky-M” radar

Original title: Central Russian Air Defense Division equipped with “Sky-M” radar

  A source from the Russian Defense Ministry said,The Russian Defense Ministry decided to equip the 76th Air Defense Division with a mobile “Sky-M” radar.Thus,The sky over the Russian Volga and Ural regions will be closely protected.Currently,The first set of “Sky-M” radar has been equipped with the division.With this radar,The air defense division can track air targets within 1 million square kilometers around the clock,Including stealth aircraft, drones and ballistic missiles.Russian military experts pointed out thatThis is part of Russia’s plan to build a border radar network.

  According to the Russian “Izvestia” report,The “Sky-M” radar can be on duty for a long time,All-weather surveillance of relevant airspace.The 76th Air Defense Division is the largest air defense force in central Russia and even in Asia.The air defense range not only covers Samara, Yekaterinburg and related industrial areas,It also includes the main Russian strategic aviation base in Engels.The 22nd heavy bomber aviation division of the Russian Army is stationed here,Equipped with Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M3 bombers.Currently,The 76th Air Defense Division has all been replaced with S-400 air defense missile systems,Equipped with “armor” missile and artillery integrated air defense system.Russian experts said,It is necessary to equip the division with “Sky-M” radar.current,Russia is building a radar network along the border,But there is no complete surveillance system at ultra-low altitude.Several regional conflicts that have broken out in recent years have shown thatA different radar system must be used.These radar systems can be used for long-range, high-altitude and large targets,It can also be used to monitor small drones.The “Sky-M” radar is dedicated to the discovery of medium and high altitude targets.therefore,This system is usually used in conjunction with a radar capable of detecting low-altitude targets.

  ”Sky-M” radar consists of 3 independent radars,Are installed on independent car chassis,The maximum travel speed is 80 kilometers per hour,The driving distance is 1,000 kilometers.This system can process centimeter, decimeter and meter wave signals.The radar can not only operate alone,Can also take joint action,Using radar modules of each band,Give full play to comprehensive advantages,Discover stealth aircraft, cruise missiles and other targets.The “Sky-M” radar can detect flying targets at an altitude of 75 kilometers and a maximum distance of 600 kilometers.If the radar concentrates all energy in the same direction,A ballistic missile can be found at a distance of 1,800 kilometers.

  ”Sky-M” radar has high autonomy,The deployment speed is faster.The system can be based on importance, distance and danger,Automatic target selection,And automatically transmit the discovered target information to the air defense department headquarters,And then transmitted to the air defense missile regiment and aviation command post.The system can also automatically coordinate with S-300V4 and S-400 air defense missile systems.

  Currently,Russia is based on two radars, “Sky-M” and “Container”,Build dense radar nets across the entire land boundary.In 2017,”Sky-M” radar began to be equipped with the Western Military Region,Then equipped with the Transbaikal Krai, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai radar regiments.In 2018,The Crimean air defense forces are also equipped with this radar.”Sky-M” radar has extremely high mobility,Not only on the ground,It can also be quickly transferred to the target area by a transport plane.In addition,Another fixed over-the-horizon radar “container” will also monitor military aviation activities near the Russian border.Track flying targets within 2000 kilometers.