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汉川剁饼子论坛:Chai Yunlong: Let Chinese traditional sports shine on campus

Chai Yunlong: Let Chinese traditional sports shine on campus

[People in this issue]Chai Yunlong Tai Chi World Champion, PE teacher of Peking University

Chai Yunlong,Started martial arts at the age of 7,Won the men’s Tai Chi champion in the 12th Wushu Championship,Now he is a physical education teacher of Peking University.

Peking University has a long tradition of developing Taijiquan,Since the last century,Tai Chi has become a compulsory course of Peking University sports.Through the learning of Taijiquan in the course and the practice of extracurricular activities, the students of Peking University haveContinue to walk into Tai Chi,Understand Tai Chi culture.While practicing Taijiquan, strengthen physical fitness, sound personality, and temper will,Continuously enhance the cultural confidence of contemporary college students,Let Chinese traditional sports shine in the campus.


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