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武汉哪里有会所:Boateng: It was difficult for Lewan to defend him in Dortmund.Strength makes him the best in the world

Boateng: Lewand was very difficult to defend against him in Dortmund.Strength makes him the best in the world


On October 25th, after Bayern beat Frankfurt 5-0,Levan continued his hot state,A hat trick was staged.Lewand scored 10 goals in 5 Bundesliga games,It also broke the historical scoring record of the Bundesliga.

After the game,Teammate Boateng was interviewed,Complimented Lewan:“You can see every game,How difficult it is to defend him.When Lewand was in Dortmund,Every time we meet him, it is troublesome.”

“Levan is really threatening,Because he is very comprehensive,He has strong left and right feet,Can pass,The air power is very strong,Still very flexible!It is this strength that makes him the best shooter in the world.”

Speaking of the game itself,Boateng said:"We are fully focused today,He played very well.We were very aggressive from the beginning,Did not underestimate the strength of Frankfurt.We are very focused,Work together as a team,Doing well in oppression,And can win the ball.”

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