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武汉高端sz微信:Chen Wei: Saving a penalty is the goalkeeper coach who made me make a correct judgment

Chen Wei: Saving a penalty is the goalkeeper coach who made me make the right judgment


On October 25th, in an interview with the media,SIPG goalkeeper Chen Wei thanked coach Walker for his help.He said that in the future, he will continue to take actions to prove himself.

What did Goalkeeper Coach Walker tell you about before the penalty shootout?

We have the habit of studying our opponents,Then the opponent’s position and so on,Including the posture of the serve,So he (Walker) made me make the right judgment,That’s why Moreno saved this penalty this time.

Yang Xu’s shot was saved in the final stage of overtime,What was his reaction at that moment?

I feel that when facing the ball,It’s still in my mind what the coach usually teaches us,Keep yourself well,Keep your focus,Take your place,Then make your own reaction.

Due to Yan Junling’s injury,For a long time to come, it should be a player who has played a role in the main goalkeeper of SIPG.Have confidence in yourself,What are your goals and expectations for the next season?

Feel confident in yourself,Then I hope I can play more games with everyone,Then get the results we want.

So in daily life in this park,What do you do besides training,What are your hobbies?

Will chat with friends or play pool.

How about the billiard skills?Before SIPG, there was a snooker game.Did you go to see it live?

Did not go to see it live,Mainly for leisure and entertainment,Have fun.

Your teammates are more humorous,Then what is the characteristic of feeling that you are a zodiac blood type?

Constellation blood type may be easier to talk with people you know.Still a little restrained.

For what Goalkeeper Coach Walker said about you,How do you feel?Do you think that your education makes you feel that it is also important to you?

I think he really gave me a lot of encouragement,But I still have to take action to prove myself,Take action to give them back.

How to prepare for the next game,Currently SIPG has reached the top four in the championship group

Personally, it means doing well in your own life,Then the other aspect is to look at the coaching arrangements.

(Edit: Li Shengde)