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武汉剁饼子交流:Cool down today!There is rain and strong wind

Cool down today!There is rain and strong wind

  Light rain before the north wind arrives
  Yesterday evening
  Weather in Wuhan
  Change the “gentleness” of days
  After the sun “off work”
  The temperature seems to drop suddenly
  Especially when a north wind blows
  More bleak atmosphere of autumn

武汉剁饼子交流:Cool down today!There is rain and strong wind插图
  October 27,Wuhan’s autumn is high and fresh,The temperature is pleasant.In Zhuankou Longling Mountain Ecological Park,60,000 square meters of cosmos flowers bloom in full bloom.Photo by reporter Li Ziyun and correspondent Zhang Min
  City Meteorological Department forecast
  Expected to be affected by high-altitude fluctuations today
  There will be short-term light rain in parts of the city
  Mainly cloudy throughout the day
  among them,The wind has increased
  Up to 6 gusts
  The maximum temperature will drop to 19℃
  But the minimum temperature
  Still maintained at 15°C
  Although it won’t be a cold wave of “freezing hands and feet”
  But the body temperature gradually drops
  This round of “weak rainfall + strong north wind” weather
  Will continue until next Tuesday
  Although the weather will start to improve this Thursday
  But on Sunday and next Tuesday
  There will be rain again
  The north wind continues to strengthen
  Keep the temperature down one level
  Wuhan City Weather Forecast for the Next Three Days
  October 28: Cloudy,There was short-term light rain locally,Northerly winds 3 to 4,Gusts of 5 to 6,15℃~19℃;
  October 29: Cloudy to cloudy,There was short-term light rain locally,Northerly winds from 3 to 4 levels turn 2 to 3,14℃~22℃;
  October 30: Cloudy to sunny,Northerly winds are 2 to 3,12℃~23℃.
  Weather changes, keep warm
  Produced by Yangtze River Daily Writer: reporter Gong Ping, correspondent Jiang Yuying Produced by: Cao Xinyi
  【Edit: Dai Rong】