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武汉市哪家足浴可以做:Ancelotti: Digne’s red card is a joke.We will appeal

Ancelotti: Digne’s red card is a joke,We will appeal


On October 26th, Everton lost to Southampton 0-2.Head coach Ancelotti accepted an interview with Sky Sports.

Ancelotti said:"We didn’t play well,Southampton is better than us,They should win.Sometimes after a great wave of games,You may not be at your best.Now we must look forward with the same spirit and faith.”

“We tried to return to the game,We did a good job of controlling after halftime.“

In the game,Digne was sent off with a red card for a foul.For Digne’s red card,Ancelotti said:"This red card is a joke,Certainly not intentional,It is certainly not violent.Maybe this is a yellow card.Perhaps this week’s comments on Pickford and Richard Leeson influenced this decision.if so,That’s not right,unfair.We will appeal,It definitely will.”

"I told the players,Winter is coming,We must respond."

武汉市哪家足浴可以做:Ancelotti: Digne’s red card is a joke.We will appeal插图(1)

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