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武汉桑拿论坛:All England Preview: National Badminton singles get together seriously, the generals will meet the challenge in the first round插图

武汉桑拿论坛:All England Preview: National Badminton singles get together seriously, the generals will meet the challenge in the first round

All England Preview: National Badminton singles get together seriously, the generals will meet the challenge in the first round

There are still five days,The much anticipated 2020 All England Badminton Open will be held in Birmingham, England.Against the background that the badminton world is frequently affected by the epidemic,As the highest level Open in the next 3 months,It is very important for players.The sign has been issued,Let us look ahead to the game.


Men’s singles: Momota is absent,National feather five men’s singles get together

The defending champion Kento Momota raised his free card,Zhou Tiancheng of Chinese Taipei became the top seed,The upper half has also become the half of the battle between the powers.6 national badminton men’s singles participated,Chen Long, Shi Yuqi, Lin Dan, Lu Guangzu and Zhao Junpeng are all in the lower half.Only Huang Yuxiang was in the upper half.

The first round against,Lin Dan will face three-time World Youth Championships champion and Thai teenager Kun Lavut; Chen Long will face India’s Srikans; Shi Yuqi will face Indonesian veteran Sugiarto; Zhao Junpeng will face India’s Pranis.If all four of them can pass the first round,The civil war will be staged in the second round.

Women’s singles: the first round will be tough

The national feather women’s singles sent a total of 6 people to participate.The overall signing is poor.The top seed and defending champion Chen Yufei defended the top half alone,The first round ushered in the 18-year-old Korean talented girl An Seying,Potential opponents in the second round are Thailand’s Busanlan or Denmark’s Mia.The quarterfinals may meet with Rachaano,After that, we need to face Okuhara Hope or Sindhu.

He Bingjiao, Wang Zhiyi, Han Yue, Cai Yanyan and Zhang Yiman were all drawn in the lower half.Zhang Yiman and Cai Yanyan will challenge strong rivals Ma Lin and Dai Ziying respectively in the first round.Wang Zhiyi, who participated in the All England for the first time, played against Zhang Yanyi of Hong Kong in the first round.He Bingjiao and Han Yue’s first-round opponents were Scotland’s Gilmour and Thailand’s Chochuwo respectively.


Men’s Doubles: It is urgent to grab points

In the last two months of the Olympic points competition,For the national feather men’s doubles,Grabbing Olympic points is the most important thing.Points and ranking are the weights leading to the final battle of Olympic qualification-Asian Championships.It is also the only way to enter the Olympics.Zhang Nan/Ou Xuanyi is in District 1/4,In the first round against Korean veteran Ko Sung Hyun/Shin Baek Chee,If you pass,The second round is likely to encounter top seed Sucamyo/Gideon.

Liu Yuchen/Li Junhui, He Jiting/Tan Qiang, Huang Kaixiang/Liu Chengdu are in District 2/4,The latter will face Lee Long Dae/Kim Ki Jung in the first round.Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong, the second pair of Guoyu closest to the Olympics, and his junior Di Zijian/Wang Chang are in the 3/4 districts.They will face the European combination in the first round.

Women’s Doubles: China, Japan and South Korea continue to compete

Among the 32 pairs of entries,The three teams of China, Japan and South Korea occupy 13 pairs in total.And the dispersion is relatively even.Defending champion Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan met the Bulgarian sisters in the first round,Feng Xueying/Dong Wenjing played against Thailand,Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting even faced Ayaka Hirota/Yuki Fukushima.In contrast,Zheng Yu/Li Wenmei and Du Yue/Li Yinhui in the lower half have less difficulty in the first round.They are a combination of Malaysia and Canada.


Mixed doubles: starting from scratch,”Double Insurance” Breakthrough

The national feathers 4 mixed doubles each have 2 pairs in the upper and lower half,But they are all very close.The defending champion and top seed Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong and the new combination Guo Xinwa/Zhang Shuxian are in the quarter.The first round was against India and Germany respectively.The main opponents in the upper half are Thailand’s Sa Xili/De Chabo, South Korea’s Seo Seung Jae/Cai Yoo Ji.

No. 2 seed Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping leads the second half,If there is no accident,They will meet Chinese duo Ou Xuanyi/Feng Xueying in the second round.On the way to the quarter-finals, you may encounter strong Indonesian players Jordan/Merati.Before,The best record of the “Yellow Duck” combination in the All England Championship is to break into the quarterfinals.This campaign will be a good opportunity for them to further prove themselves.