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武汉高端sz微信:4 dead and 3 injured in armed attack in Ethiopia

4 dead and 3 injured in armed attack in Ethiopia

Original title: 4 dead and 3 injured in an armed attack in Ethiopia

Ethiopian local officials said on the 3rd,An armed attack recently occurred in Oromia State in the south-central part of the country.4 people were killed and 3 injured.

Tadley Udo, the chief executive of the Guji district of Oromia State, told the media on the 3rd,An armed attack occurred in the area on the 1st,Killed 4 construction workers,Three others were injured by shooting.

According to official Ethiopian media reports,When the attacked was building a bridge,Was attacked by armed personnel of the “Oromo Liberation Army”.

November 1,There was an armed attack in Oromia.The attack mainly targeted Amharic people living in Oromia State.More than 60 attackers took Amhara from their homes and killed them,The attack killed 32 people,The victims included women and children.The Ethiopian government accused the “Oromo Liberation Army” of carrying out the attack.

Ethiopia is a populous country in Africa,There are more than 80 ethnic groups,Among them, the Oromo has the largest population,He lives mainly in Oromia State.Next is the Amharic,Mainly concentrated in Amhara Region.There are conflicts among some ethnic groups due to land and water sources.