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武汉饼子qq交流群:A brigade of the 73rd Group Army highlights the main role of officers and soldiers in education

A brigade of the 73rd Group Army highlights the main role of officers and soldiers in education

Original title: Interactive classroom ignites elite spirit

“I was accidentally injured in the 400m obstacle course that day,I told myself,Climbing has to climb over the end.” Jin Qiu,In an education class of a brigade of the 73rd Army with the theme of “Military Honor”,A certain company sergeant Pan Jiafeng stepped onto the stage during the interactive session.His personal experience of persisting in completing the competition with injuries,Deeply moved the comrades on the scene.

“Grass-roots officers and soldiers are the objects of education,It is the subject of education.Only when everyone is truly a teacher, there are classrooms everywhere, and that they are always influenced,Only in this way can education be truly absorbed.”The brigade leader said,When they went to the grassroots to open doors and listen to classes at the beginning of the year, they found thatThe theme education of some units has the phenomenon of “full teaching” of “one person, one lesson to the end”.The participation of officers and soldiers is not high,The effect of education is compromised.

to this end,Based on extensive research and demonstration,Explore the implementation of the “1+X” interactive classroom model,That is, on the basis of one speaker,Join multiple interactive sessions: inform officers and soldiers of the main content of the classroom in advance,It is convenient for everyone to think and prepare in advance; set up class topics,Organizational analysis, interaction, and discussion exchanges,Use examples around you to prove the truth,And arrange for the backbone of cadres to guide in time.They also invited Anti-Japanese War veterans and training pacesetters into the classroom.Communicate face to face with officers and soldiers,Further enhance the effectiveness of theme education.

With the introduction of the interactive classroom model,The enthusiasm of officers and soldiers to participate in education has increased significantlyThe training enthusiasm is high.recently,The brigade organized multi-type, day and night, high-intensity flight training,The officers and soldiers overcome numerous difficulties,Successfully completed difficult tasks such as search and rescue, low-altitude penetration, and airborne assault.