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:A brigade of the 74th Group Army helps the counterpart village to carry out environmental governance

A brigade of the 74th Group Army helps the counterpart village to carry out environmental governance

Original title: The village is beautiful,Full of energy

In the autumn evening,After Yuan Mingjin, a villager in Meihua Village, Tunchang County, Hainan Province, settled in the newly introduced Chashu mushroom seedlings,Go out of the planting shed and return to your new home.

Walking on the road,The newly installed street lights illuminate the newly built village road with a dizzy yellow light.On both sides of the village road,There is a trash can at the door of every house,Not far away, a vacuum cleaner is working back and forth. The village has changed a lot.Yuan Mingjin was happy.

In 2019,Meihua Village achieved all poverty-stricken households out of poverty,With the help of officers and soldiers from a brigade of the 74th Army,Local poverty alleviation industries such as tea tree mushroom cultivation and hot spring goose breeding have begun to take shape.But on the issue of human settlements,Meihua Village is still far from the “beautiful village” standard.Cheng Shoujiang, the leader of the rural revitalization team of Meihua Village, told the author,”The rubbish blows by the wind,”Sewage depends on evaporation” was a true portrayal of Meihua Village.

since this year,Meihua Village embarked on the improvement of human settlements,During the period, the brigade coordinated with local government departments to actively promote environmental renovation projects such as “renovating water and toilets”, “rural lighting”, “road hardening” and “wall renovation”.In addition to helping the village improve the sanitary conditions of public toilets, classify and treat various types of domestic sewage, and transform the garbage removal and transportation infrastructure,He also invested in the installation of 19 street lights, built 5 garbage pools, and donated a number of garbage cans and cleaning utensils.

“The roads are not level, the lights are not bright, the grass is not green. Don’t look at it as small things,However, the happiness of the people is greatly reduced.”Zeng Liang, the first secretary in the village, said,With the joint efforts of the military and civilians,Meihua Village has a new look.There are schools of fish in the crystal clear stream,The old trees and dwellings in the village contrast with the stream passing through the village.The village is clean and beautiful,The spirit of the villagers has also changed drastically.Not long ago,All villagers have formulated a responsibility system of “three guarantees in front of the house” for environmental sanitation around the house.Everyone is determined to make the village a livable village,Let the road to wealth go wider and wider.