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武汉学生饼子群:Danny Green: I was joking to say that LeBron didn’t compete.We will go to work

Danny Green: I was joking to say that LeBron didn’t compete.We will go to work


Tiger Fight November 5th, Lakers guard Danny Green recently accepted an interview.Talked about the start time of the new season.

Green said he and his Lakers teammates will report to training camp:“We will all go to work.I am not speaking for anyone.I’m just joking about some guys——Not just LeBron (James),There are many veterans in our team——We don’t want the game to start on December 22.There are many people in our team who have been fighting for more than 8 years and more than 10 years.To spend a long season like us,No matter how long we have between these two seasons,We still ended the game on a certain date,Then start the game in a month and a half or two months,This is very difficult.But we will go to work,So don’t take it out of context,I won’t say more,But we hope we can have more time to relax and rest,Give our body a chance to recover before we restart the game.”

Regarding his previous teammate LeBron James at the beginning of December“Will not play in the previous month’s game”Interview remarks,Green reiterated to Rob Pelinka, the Lakers’ vice president of basketball operations and the guest participating in this show,That was just a joke.

“I wish you a smooth phone consultation,I think just let me know the latest news you hear.I hope we won’t restart the game so soon,But if we do,I will go to work,Will go to work,Even if people take everything out of context.”Green said.

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