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武汉sz和sn什么意思:Britain raises the threat level of terrorist attacks

Britain raises the threat level of terrorist attacks

Original title: Britain raises the threat level of terrorist attacks

The British Home Office announced on the 3rd thatThe British terrorist threat level has been raised from the third level “high” to the second level “severe”.The second level means that the possibility of a terrorist attack in the UK is extremely high.

British Home Secretary Pritty Patel said,This is a “precautionary measure”,Not based on any specific threat.She reminded the public to “continue to stay alert”,Report suspicious activities to the police in time.

British media believe thatThis move shows that the British government is worried that the recent terrorist attacks in Europe may have an impact on the UK.

A shooting incident occurred in the center of Vienna, the capital of Austria, on the evening of the 2nd.Caused many casualties.Austrian Prime Minister Kurtz condemned the incident as “a despicable terrorist attack.”October 16th and 29th,Knife attacks occurred in the French capital Paris and the southeastern city of Nice.A total of 4 people were killed and several others were injured.

The British terrorist threat level is divided into 5 levels.From low to high, they are “low”, “medium”, “high”, “serious” and “critical”.Last November,For the first time in five years, the United Kingdom downgraded the terrorist threat level to third level.