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武汉水会所排行:China Telecom Wuhan Branch: War Epidemic Demonstrates the Responsibility of Central Enterprises New Infrastructure Sets Industry Benchmark

China Telecom Wuhan Branch: “War Epidemic” Demonstrates the Responsibility of Central Enterprises “New Infrastructure” Sets Industry Benchmark

  武汉水会所排行:China Telecom Wuhan Branch: War Epidemic Demonstrates the Responsibility of Central Enterprises New Infrastructure Sets Industry Benchmark插图 

  September 8,At the National Commendation Conference for Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic,China Telecom Wuhan Branch was awarded the title of “National Advanced Group in Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic”.Behind the highest honor,It is the brave responsibility and fearlessness of Wuhan Telecom people during the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.Established a good image and reputation for central enterprises,Let the party flag fly high on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

  And in another “battlefield”-5G new infrastructure construction,China Telecom’s Wuhan branch has also achieved brilliant results: as of the end of August,The first batch of 1,268 5G outdoor stations planned for construction in 2020 have all been opened.Fully achieve continuous coverage of the central city within the third ring road of Wuhan,Contiguous coverage of the new city gate and key scenes,5G coverage quality and good customer service perception rate maintained the top one and two positions in the telecom group.Maintain the leading level in the same industry.The number of 5G users exceeded 2 million,Leading the province.It is expected that by the end of the year,The total number of 5G base stations of Wuhan Telecom will exceed the 6000 mark.

  26 hours! Opened the first 5G base station of Vulcan Mountain Hospital

  武汉水会所排行:China Telecom Wuhan Branch: War Epidemic Demonstrates the Responsibility of Central Enterprises New Infrastructure Sets Industry Benchmark插图(1) 

  Migrate the official website of Wuhan Municipal Health Commission and the information system for direct reporting of the epidemic to the Tianyi cloud platform of China Telecom within 48 hours.Increase the concurrent access capability of the website by 10 times; open 5G base stations in the Huoshenshan area within 26 hours; install 11 various circuits, 1,674 fixed telephones, and nearly 2,000 network information points in Leishenshan Hospital in 36 hours; quicklyBuild 5G live broadcast platform of Vulcan Mountain and Thunder Mountain,Turn hundreds of millions of netizens into “cloud supervisors”;

  Set up a temporary office environment for the Hubei Provincial Epidemic Prevention Headquarters within 24 hours,Open the emergency command communication network and video conference system,Provide video and telephone conference guarantee for provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters 32 times;

  Grab the main and backup communication channels of 5G and 10G optical network within 8 hours,Pave the way for the video connection between Beijing Ditan Hospital and designated hospitals in Wuhan.

  The epidemic is the order.Under adverse circumstances such as lack of personnel and materials, bad weather, etc.,The Wuhan branch of China Telecom completed many impossible tasks at super-speed.

  January 23,Wuhan, which is in the eye of the epidemic, announced its “closed city.”That night,Vulcan Mountain Hospital started construction,China Telecom Wuhan Branch received a notice from the Municipal Emergency Command for Epidemic Prevention and Control,It is required to complete the 4G and 5G coverage project of the Vulcan Mountain wireless network within 3 days.

  Communication network construction is by no means as simple as setting up an antenna.Complete construction within 3 days,It is unimaginable in normal times,And there were more than 100 excavators working at the same time at the construction site of Huoshenshan.

  China Telecom Wuhan Branch immediately launched an emergency plan,In order to grab the schedule,Avoiding the construction of infrastructure and excavating the “waterway”-a fiber optic cable from Zhiyin Lake to Huoshenshan Hospital.After a continuous day and night with wind and snow and high-intensity work,20 o’clock on the 24th,The first 5G base station of Huoshenshan Hospital-Zhangjiadu base station 5G successfully opened.Full coverage of 4G/5G signals was achieved on the 25th.Immediately afterwards,The construction of information systems such as medical cloud and remote consultation,It provides a comprehensive informatization guarantee of 5G + cloud network integration for the timely delivery of Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

  The Leishenshan Hospital opened on January 26,Located in Huangjia Lake, Jiangxia District,Located next to the canteen of Junyun Village.In the construction of military games information,China Telecom has deployed large-capacity optical cables in the Military Transport Village.After the main body of Leishenshan Hospital is completed,Deploy optical cables directly from the military village to the hospital.After testing,China Telecom’s 4G/5G signal has achieved full coverage in this area.To make sure nothing goes wrong,China Telecom Wuhan Branch formulated a 5G expansion plan,Further improve the efficiency of 4G/5G communication during busy hours.

  From 20 o’clock on the 27th,The live webcast of the construction site of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals was launched on the “Central Video” platform.Behind the much-anticipated,It is a technical service provided by China Telecom Tianyi Cloud Monitoring.”We use the 5G+Gigabit fiber solution,Two 4K high-definition cameras were set up on Huoshen Mountain and Leishen Mountain,Transmit a stable and clear live signal to CCTV,Provide different viewing angles for netizens.”Said Zhang Tao, director of the emerging business center of China Telecom Wuhan branch.

  On the construction site,The workers are racing against the clock; outside the construction site,Hundreds of millions of netizens became “cloud supervisors”,To witness the speed of China racing against the epidemic together,Cheer for first-line builders.

  Closing the city for 76 days  China Telecom’s communication network is unimpeded

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  Wuhan in the “closed city”,The communication network is the only channel to communicate with the outside world,In the days and nights fighting against death,Keeping this channel open is to save lives.

  ”Don’t let citizens wait for seats,Only let the agent wait for the call.”During the epidemic,China Telecom Wuhan Branch went all out to ensure the connection rate,Unblock the people’s life-saving line.Implemented a 20-fold capacity expansion for 120 hotline system platforms,From January 20 to April 20, the mayor’s special line accepted a total of 123.30,000 times,Cumulative rescue 2.More than 780,000 times,Accumulatively transferred to severe cases 1.More than 70,000 times.

  Closed for 76 days,Wuhan people report their body temperature online, shop, work, take online classes, and communicate with relatives and friends. It’s hard to imagine.If there is no network,What will this 76-day “home isolation” life be like?

  ”The city was closed for 76 days,Wuhan’s fixed broadband traffic increased by 35%,Mobile network traffic has increased by 70%.”Zhang Tao told reporters,During this period,China Telecom’s network signal has never been interrupted or severely congested.”This is amazing!”

  To ensure the guarantee of communication services,China Telecom Wuhan Branch insists on opening 2-4 business halls in important areas of the city every day.And according to the needs of the concentration of citizens to open the hall; 1,200 regular maintenance personnel stick to the three towns of Wuhan,Cumulative attendance 1.30,000 passengers,Installation and repair 2.40,000 pieces.

  At 15:15 on February 18,Experts from the Remote Ultrasound Medical Center of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital used China Telecom’s 5G technology toThe ultrasonic robot in the Fangcai Hospital of Huangpi Stadium is remotely controlled by the handle to perform ultrasound examinations for patients.This is since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia,For the first time, 5G remote diagnosis and treatment technology was used to treat patients with new crowns.

  During the epidemic,China Telecom’s Wuhan branch has enhanced wireless network coverage for 183 designated hospitals, shelter hospitals and isolation points.Opened a video conference system for 64 points.Based on China Telecom’s 5G technology, remote diagnosis and treatment, “cloud reading”, robot delivery and other smart medical services,Effectively alleviate the extremely tight medical resources,It also reduces the workload of medical staff.

  Nine major “warm spring actions” help companies resume work and production

  As the situation of epidemic prevention and control improves,To help resume work and production,China Telecom promptly launched nine “warm spring actions” including Tianyi Cloud Conference, Tianyi HD Cloud Classroom, and Tianyi Big Speaker.”Tianyi Cloud Conference” can provide more than 100 free services,That is, 100 people can have a meeting in different places at the same time for video interaction.In rural areas,With Tianyi Big Horn,The village party secretary gave an order via his mobile phone,The loudspeakers in the villages and alleys that have been connected to the Internet will be played.”Zhang Tao introduced,China Telecom Wuhan Branch also cooperated with Wuhan Education Bureau,Launched education cloud classroom in the air,The teacher is at home class,You can also interact with students in real time with video and audio,Keep abreast of students’ learning situation in time.

  Install “face recognition infrared body temperature tester”,It is an important means for many companies to prevent and control the epidemic after resuming work and production.With the advantages of cloud network technology,China Telecom Wuhan Branch converged to the Juyi IoT platform through the cloud network,Connect with the emergency industry platform,It has realized the functions of rapid temperature measurement without difference wearing masks for workers returning to work in key enterprises and key places in the province.

  Efforts to build 5G 5G users exceed 2 million

  武汉水会所排行:China Telecom Wuhan Branch: War Epidemic Demonstrates the Responsibility of Central Enterprises New Infrastructure Sets Industry Benchmark插图(3) 

  While competing with the new crown pneumonia epidemic,The pace of 5G construction of China Telecom Wuhan Branch has never slowed down.The “new infrastructure” national strategy was proposed,It also makes 5G construction into the fast lane.

  It took only two years to start 5G construction,The total number of 5G base stations of China Telecom Wuhan Branch will soon exceed the 6000 mark.Has fully realized the continuous coverage of the central city within the third ring road of Wuhan,Contiguous coverage of the new city gate and key scenes,The number of 5G users exceeded 2 million.

  At the end of September,Wuhan Telecom basically realized the city’s residential optical network + 5G “dual gigabit” access,Smart homes and smart communities based on “dual gigabit” will be more extensive.

  It is estimated that by 2022,Wuhan Telecom is expected to add another 5000 5G base stations,The density of base stations reaches more than 10 per square kilometer,Comparable to domestic first-tier cities.

  And China Telecom and China Unicom work together to build and share the advantages of 5G,It is fully reflected in the “Super Uplink” network service.

  ”Some specific 5G application scenarios such as VR, AR, and 3D live broadcast have higher requirements for uplink bandwidth.‘Super Uplink’ doubles the upstream bandwidth,In theory, it can reach 1G,To achieve ‘second time’,There will be no issues such as stuck, slow response to page jumps, etc.”China Telecom Wuhan branch expert Xia Honggang told reporters,The high-definition live broadcast of the construction of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals carried out by CCTV,The 5G “super uplink” technology is used.

  ”Telecom and China Unicom each have 100M frequency bandsThe jointly built network has 200M bandwidth.”Zhang Tao, director of the emerging business center of China Telecom Wuhan branch, is full of confidence: “There are nearly 100 5G commercial networks in the world.The fastest rate opened in the golden band is that of China Telecom.”

  5G blessing “Tianyi Cloud” ushered in the golden age

  When it comes to cloud computing,People may first think of Ali, Tencent, Jinshan, Huawei, Inspur, etc.Undeniable,These companies are indeed very good at cloud computing.However, there is a state-owned cloud and central enterprise cloud with its own red gene, which is developing rapidly.This cloud is the Tianyi Cloud of China Telecom.

  IDC (Internet Data Center) data display,In the second half of 2019,China Telecom’s market share ranks among the top three in the public cloud market.Ranked first in China’s operator services.

  ”Years of cultivation of high-quality resources,China Telecom’s cloud accumulation is profound.”Xia Honggang introduced,China Telecom took the lead in deploying “2+31+X” nationwide,That is to build two cloud data center clusters in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou,Build large-scale data centers in 31 provinces across the country to undertake the entire network data structure,X is the access level of several prefectures and cities,Put content and storage in a place closest to the user,Meet the various needs of users nearby carrying,”There are 3 nodes in Tianyi Cloud Wuhan.Each node can provide computing and storage services equivalent to tens of thousands of industrial computers,Ensure that users upload and download quickly.”

  Hu Zhiqiang, general manager of China Telecom Cloud Computing Company, once said: “The advantage of China Telecom’s 5G is that it has Tianyi Cloud.The unique advantage of China Telecom Tianyi Cloud lies in its 5G.Tianyiyun experienced ten years of hard work,Ushered in its golden age.”

  Leading the way in the province to create multiple benchmarks for government and enterprise applications

  After nearly a year of debugging,January 15,WISCO’s 5G smart steel plant officially unveiled,This is the first 5G cloud-network integration smart steel plant demonstration project in Central China.

  On the WISCO CSP continuous casting and rolling production line,A series of production processes such as steelmaking, steel rolling, and finished products leave the factory through China Telecom’s 5G communication network,Automatically collect and upload various data to the control center.Through high-definition real-time image interaction and data analysis,It can realize remote analysis and diagnosis of manufacturing status.

  The CSP production line is the core production line of WISCO.Before the application of 5G technology,The production line and the control center are connected via WiFi network,It is easy to cause delay due to interference.After high-speed 5G network coverage,The production line bid farewell to visual inspection,Realized “5G+AR” remote vision diagnosis.Through 5G HD video,Once an abnormality is found,Start remote expert diagnosis immediately,Combined with the operators wearing AR glasses and integrated safety helmets entering the factory for inspection,Diagnose and troubleshoot in time,Improved maintenance safety and expert diagnosis efficiency.

  5G technology can control the network latency to the millisecond level,Promote industrial manufacturing to a higher level of efficiency and safety.Xia Honggang introduced,This is the first phase of the WISCO Smart Steel Plant project.The second phase has also started,At the end of the year, the entire plant will achieve full 5G coverage.

  At 11 am on September 10th,Motorola Blade 5G folding screen mobile phone manufactured by Lenovo Wuhan Industrial Base rolled off the production line.Its 5G IoT automated assembly line “quantum wire” workshop,Through the combined application of 5G infrastructure and smart factory production scenarios,Achieved a high level of intelligent manufacturing,This also has the credit of China Telecom.

  ”Our new phones have default apps,Previously, pre-installed applications required a row of computers,The mobile phone manually fills the application one by one from a computer through the USB interface,Each application takes half an hour to complete the filling.Now the production line moves the application to Tianyi Cloud,The mobile phone automatically fills all applications on the cloud platform at once through 5G,The pre-installation operation can be completed in a few minutes,The efficiency has improved a lot.”Xia Honggang introduced.

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  During this year’s “October” Golden Week,Wushang Plaza Shopping Center, which has been fully covered by 5G signal,AR red envelopes, AR treasure hunters, and AR landscape applications based on the cloud XR digital twin platform are online,The rich AR red envelope treasure hunting and landscape check-in and other interactive links bring customers a new immersive and entertaining experience.More than a month ago,China Telecom Wuhan Branch and Wushang Plaza Shopping Center formally signed a “5G+MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) Smart Business Complex” strategic cooperation agreement,Wushang Plaza Shopping Center has become the first smart integrated commercial complex based on the “5G+MEC” contract in Hubei,A series of commercial scene applications with a sense of technology and entertainment, such as 5G+XR experience hall, 5G+XR shopping, and 5G+AI digital cloud live broadcast, will be launched.

  武汉水会所排行:China Telecom Wuhan Branch: War Epidemic Demonstrates the Responsibility of Central Enterprises New Infrastructure Sets Industry Benchmark插图(5) 

  last year,China Telecom Wuhan Branch cooperated with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Research Institute,After 5G signal coverage,Configure a dedicated 5G card and receiving equipment,Match with commercial vehicles,Completed the test of the first driverless commercial vehicle in the park.The currently ongoing Longlingshan intelligent networked car project,Let the scenic spot battery car realize unmanned driving in the specially designed loop line,It will become the first driverless demonstration zone in Wuhan that can realize commercial operations.

  5G + medical networking, 5G + smart city, 5G + Internet of things. Wuhan Telecom regards the application of government and enterprise industries as the focus of 5G development.With the advantages of 5G + cloud network,Is actively building multiple 5G industry application benchmarks,A number of key industry applications have reached the domestic advanced level.

  ”5G was built on a large scale last year,Large-scale application this year,I now have more than 20 government-enterprise projects at hand,The demand is very large.”Zhang Xinwu, a senior expert of China Telecom Wuhan branch, told reporters: “If 4G has changed people’s lives,So what 5G changes is the entire society.In the 5G era,Innovative applications light up thousands of industries,There will be more personalized needs,There will be countless possibilities.”(Text | Wang Huafen, Wang Yunhe, Xie Anqi) 

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