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武汉夜生活论坛:Badminton Asian Championships moved to the Philippines to become the final match of the Olympic points

Badminton Asian Championships moved to the Philippines to become the final match of the Olympic points

March 4,The BWF confirmed on the official website,The Badminton Asian Championships originally scheduled to be held in Wuhan, China from April 21 to 26 this year will be moved to Manila, Philippines.The game time remains unchanged.


The World Badminton Federation said,The Asian Badminton Federation today confirmed the change of venue for the Asian Championships.The Badminton Asian Championship is a points event for the Tokyo OlympicsThe match date happens to be the last week of the Olympic points cycle,This also means that the Asian Championships will be the last chance for Asian players to earn Olympic points.Manila, Philippines hosted the Asian Badminton Team Championship in February.However, the Chinese team and the Hong Kong team were unable to compete due to the immigration control policies implemented by the Philippines during the epidemic.The Asian Badminton Federation said it will cooperate with the Philippine Badminton Association,Ensure that all players and staff who sign up for the Asian Championships can get visas.

Since February,The World Badminton Federation has cancelled or adjusted multiple competitions due to the new coronavirus epidemic.The Lingshui Masters originally scheduled to be held from February 25 to March 1, the Vietnam Challenge from March 24 to 29, and the Polish Open from March 26 to 29 will all be postponed.The German Open that was originally scheduled to start this week could not start on schedule.The Portuguese International Championship was cancelled.Many of the games postponed or cancelled due to the epidemic are the Tokyo Olympic Games points.However, the BWF currently does not intend to make any adjustments to the relevant regulations on Olympic points qualification.