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武汉高端服务预约:Expert analysis of U.S. warships entering the Black Sea again: maintaining military pressure on Russia

Expert analysis of US warships entering the Black Sea again: maintaining military pressure on Russia

俄罗斯“埃森海军上将”号护卫舰(来源:中国军网)Russian frigate “Admiral Essen” (Source: China Military Network)

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 24th (Huang Zijuan, Ye Zhichun) According to the Russian Satellite News Agency,September 15,The USS Roosevelt destroyer went to the Black Sea to conduct operations with NATO allies and partner countries.To ensure maritime safety,This is the sixth time the US Navy has entered the Black Sea since the beginning of 2020.Regarding the move of the U.S. ship into the Black Sea,The National Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 16th that,The Russian navy “Admiral Essen” frigate has begun to track and monitor the USS “Roosevelt” destroyer entering the Black Sea.

American warships entered the Black Sea for the sixth time this year,What signal is this move sending?What impact will this move have on US-Russian relations?What is special about the frigate “Admiral Essen” sent by the Russian Navy?Regarding the issue above,People’s Daily Online interviewed Yin Zhuo, a military expert.

Yin Zhuo thinks,There are three main intentions for US warships to enter the Black Sea: First,The United States attempts to maintain military pressure on Russia,Winning the neighboring countries of the Black Sea to unite to put pressure on Russia; second, the United States attempts to maintain the continuity of NATO operationsStrengthen NATO’s cohesion; third, the United States attempts to use Ukraine to weaken Russia’s power,Maintain high visibility.

“U.S. military operations in the Black Sea,It shows that the United States has always regarded Russia as its main strategic opponent in the direction of Europe,It is also one of the most important strategic opponents in the world.The confrontation between Russia and NATO in the Black Sea,It reflects the fighting law and current situation between Russia and NATO,In the short term, this status quo is unlikely to be eased.The military confrontation between the two sides will become more intense.”Yin Zhuo said.

Regarding the move of the U.S. ship into the Black Sea,The frigate of the Russian Navy “Admiral Essen” has begun tracking and monitoring.The frigate “Admiral Essen” is a frigate that has not been in service for a long time in Russia.The frigate has a long-range ground attack cruise missile,With a range of more than a thousand kilometers,And is equipped with “caliber” cruise missiles, etc.,Have certain air defense and anti-submarine capabilities.

“The Russian Black Sea Fleet sent the frigate’Admiral Essen’ to track the American destroyer.Always accompanied,Once they are found close to the Russian territorial waters, they will be driven away,It even took tactical exercises to deter US ships.These are Russia’s stance actions,It also shows that Russia has the ability and determination to confront the United States and NATO in the Black Sea.”Yin Zhuo said.

Speaking of the combat effectiveness of the Russian Black Sea Fleet,Yin Zhuo thinks,The Black Sea Fleet is one of the four largest Russian fleets.But the power is greatly attenuated compared to the former Soviet Union,Currently mainly small and medium-sized ships,Gather with frigates,Some are old destroyers,At the same time equipped with some high-performance conventional submarines.At present, Russia is constantly adding new ships to the Black Sea Fleet,Mainly because the Black Sea is an important sea area where the United States exerts pressure on the border through the Ukraine issue.It is also an important channel for Russia to directly connect to the Eastern Mediterranean.therefore,The Black Sea Fleet is currently an important combat force of the Russian Navy.