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武汉娱乐会所:Expert: Commemorating the 89th Anniversary of the September 18th Incident

Expert: Commemorating the 89th Anniversary of the September 18th Incident

武汉娱乐会所:Expert: Commemorating the 89th Anniversary of the September 18th Incident插图

Manzhouli Station of the Middle East Railway.(Source: China Military Network)

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 18th  (Huang Zijuan, Mo Shiwei) September 18, 1931,The Japanese Kwantung Army blatantly blew up Nanman-Manchurian Railway tracks and bombarded Beida Camp,Created the September 18th Incident that shocked China and foreign countries.After the September 18th Incident,The Chinese people rose up in resistance between the white mountains and black waters,Became the starting point of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War,At the same time, it opened the prelude to the world anti-fascist war.No matter how the years change,No matter how time passes,The sentence “Don’t forget the national shame” will still arouse the unyielding soul in our blood,The phrase “revitalize China” can still arouse the dignity of our inner nation.

Then,What was the historical background of Japan’s encroachment on the three provinces?After the September 18th Incident,What struggles did the Chinese people have?How should we look back on this history now?Regarding the issue above,People’s Daily Online conducted an exclusive interview with military history expert Xu Yan,He said,Now we must review history with the mentality of a powerful country.

Western powers can’t take care of themselves,Japanese aggression

The Northeast is rich in resources,At the time, Japan arrogantly called it the “lifeline” of its country-Japan’s largest investment was in the Northeast.A lot of resources are also supplied by the Northeast,Therefore, Japan has long coveted this land.Then,Why did Japan choose to initiate an incident in 1931?Xu Yan believes,This is related to the historical background of the world economic crisis at that time.

As early as the Jiawu War,Japan invaded and occupied South Manchuria,Later, under the interference of other powers,The Qing court reclaimed the land at the cost of 30 million taels of “Liao Liao redemption fee”.After Japan’s victory in the war against Russia in 1905,It also controlled the Nanman-Manchurian Railway and left a garrison.In 1929,The world economic crisis broke out,Britain and the United States can’t take care of themselves,Difficult to intervene in Japan’s actions,On the one hand, Japan needs to rely on the Northeast to ease the economic crisis.On the other hand, it believes that Britain and the United States will not interfere too much.

Xu Yan added,In addition,The United States held an anti-Soviet stance at the time,It is also hoped that Japan can contain the Soviet Union after occupying the Northeast.In the above context,Even if China asks the League of Nations to come and investigate,It will not bring actual impact,Japan continues to invade and occupy Chinese territory.If before the September 18th Incident,Japan is “cannibalizing” China’s territory,After the September 18th Incident,It became “whale swallowing.”

武汉娱乐会所:Expert: Commemorating the 89th Anniversary of the September 18th Incident插图(1)

The Northeast Army is training.(Source: China Military Network)

Imperialist penetration,Northeast quickly fell

Why did the Japanese occupy the Northeast at a very small price in just three months?Xu Yan mentioned,Except that China was in a civil war at the time,In addition to Chiang Kai-shek and Zhang Xueliang’s “non-resistance” policy,The reason why Japan easily invaded the three provincesThe biggest lesson is that China has no defense or resistance to imperialist infiltrations and aggressions.

Xu Yan mentioned,Many people do not understand why the cities of Southern Manchuria can be controlled by Japan “overnight”.Actually,After the Russo-Japanese War,Japan has been “operating” for decades in the Northeast.Military “non-resistance”,It even made him “change the sky overnight.”

Before the September 18th Incident,Tohoku has become a “semi-colony” of Japan.The Japanese Kwantung Army moved arbitrarily in the Northeast,Relevant Eastern troops are stationed throughout the Nanman Railway.”Concessions” at major stations and nearby areas,A large number of Japanese expatriates live.The house is Japanese style,Signs and road signs are in Japanese,Public security is managed by the Japanese police,Japanese yen and gold tickets are popular in the market.There are Japanese consulates in major cities in Northeast China.Companies, hospitals, brothels, etc. are everywhere,The hosts are secret agents and military police,The staff are mostly Kwantung Army veterans.”People changed their uniforms overnight and immediately occupied you”,Xu Yan said,The Northeast Army did not dare to resist,Because in the past, the graduates of Tohoku Kudos were all trained by Japanese instructors.”I was afraid to meet the Japanese army,How can they resist?”under such circumstances,The Northeast quickly fell.

武汉娱乐会所:Expert: Commemorating the 89th Anniversary of the September 18th Incident插图(2)

The activity was held in the 1st Anti-Union Second Route Army in Niuxindingzi, Dunhua County, Jilin Province.(Source: China Military Network)

Looking back at history with a strong nation mentality,Coagulate national spirit

After the Northeast was occupied,The masses behind enemy lines spontaneously organized resistance forces.Xu Yan mentioned,In early 1932,The Northeast Volunteer Army, organized by local civil organizations and mountain forest teams, reached nearly 400,000.In this regard,Not only did the Nanjing government not send a single soldier to support it,He also signed the humiliating “Tanggu Agreement” with Japan in May 1933,The promise to ban the anti-Japanese movement within the pass does not support the “anti-Manchurian anti-Japanese” in the Northeast.Volunteers with weak leadership,All dissolved in less than a year.

After the old anti-Japanese armed forces in Northeast China were eliminated by history,Only the highly politically conscious and well-organized troops led by the Communist Party of China can persist in the armed struggle for many years.This unit was renamed Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces in 1936,And successively established 11 armies.The Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces never stopped fighting on the northeast land.Played an important strategic coordination role for the War of Resistance in Shanxi and the Soviet Union’s preparations for the Japanese war.The Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces have been fighting for more than ten years under the leadership of the Communist Party.And ethnographers such as Yang Jingyu, Zhao Shangzhi and Zhao Yiman emerged.

Nowadays,How should we commemorate the September 18th Incident?Xu Yan believes,We should review history with the mentality of a powerful country,The national spirit is condensed from it.

Remember history,Only then can we accumulate the strength to move forward in the cross-sea.We commemorated the September 18th Incident and fully incorporated the concept of “Fourteen Years of War of Resistance” into various teaching materials.It is to better restore history, commemorate history, and learn from history,Also to better cherish the present,Go forward courageously.The smoke of history is gone,Realistic threats are everywhere.Yin Jian is not far away,Later generations should be self-warning,Accumulate enterprising spirit and high morale for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.