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宜昌长阳后街多少一晚:2020 London World Travel Fair China Pavilion debuts

2020 London World Travel Fair China Pavilion debuts

London, November 7th (day trip) Affected by the new crown epidemic,The 2020 London World Travel Fair (WTM) will be transferred to the cloud for the first time,It will be held online from November 9th to 11th.The China Pavilion will set up a dedicated page on the WTM network platform,at the same time,The four major English social media platforms and WeChat public account platforms of the London Tourism Office,As well as the European Times Special Issue and Amazing China English Magazine will jointly present the content of China’s exhibition.The “World Tourism Fair” is recognized as the largest and most professional event in the tourism industry in the world.In 2019, WTM’s China Pavilion was unveiled in the form of high-speed rail.Focus on China’s speed,Widely praised at home and abroad.

This trade fair,Under the general heading “China Beyond Imagination”,The theme of the China Pavilion is “Wide China” (Wide China),Focus on the introduction of 12 intangible cultural heritage tourism routes newly launched by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in October,And the latest excellent case of tourism poverty alleviation in 2020 released in October by the “World Tourism Alliance” based in Hangzhou.

The launch of China’s intangible cultural heritage theme tour routes,It’s the cultural and tourism industry’s practice of “Using culture to shape travel,An important result of the concept of “recognizing culture with travel”.The 12 routes are: one is the intangible cultural heritage tourism route on the central axis of the city of Beijing, which is “Internal and External Security, and the Unity of Nature and Man”;“Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Tour in She Township in Southwest Zhejiang”, “Intangible Heritage Experience Tour in She Township in Southwest Zhejiang”, “Qi Feng Lu Yun” Intangible Heritage Tour, and Sixth, “Qu Yuan Zhaojun’s Hometown” Intangible Heritage Tour7. Seven is the “In-Depth Tour of the New Vigorous Cultural Heritage of the Old City” in Guangzhou, eight is the “Sino-Vietnamese Border Intangible Heritage Tour”, the nine is the “Deep Experience Tour of Dong People’s Intangible Heritage in Southeast Guizhou”, and the ten is the “Symphonic Silk Road Intangible Heritage Tour”, Eleventh is “Taotao Yellow River Intangible Heritage Tour”, and 12 is “Kashgar Folk Custom Intangible Heritage Tour”.

In the non-heritage tourist route,You can feel the silk craftsmanship of Beijing, the craftsmanship of yurts, the emblems of ink and carving, the big songs and corbels of the Dong people, the Cantonese opera in Guangzhou, etc.The “vividity” of intangible cultural heritage and the “beautiful beauty” of travel complement each other,These tourist routes have become important routes for tourists to visit the local area.Provides important support for the inheritance and promotion of intangible cultural heritage,Make people appreciate the beauty of nature at the same time,Feel the beauty of culture,At the same time, it will further boost people’s livelihood along the route.

Tourism helps alleviate poverty,It’s in a deeper sense,To commend the text”.”Wen” is the spirit-the socialist cultural spirit of common prosperity.Over 40 years of reform and opening up,More than 700 million poor people in China got rid of poverty,Among them, tourism has become an important way to get rid of poverty in remote rural areas.”Green water and green mountains are golden and silver mountains”,Through the development of tourism to alleviate poverty,The poor rural towns in the past have opened up a way to get rid of poverty and get rich, in which ecological civilization and economic development complement each other.The China Pavilion will share the success stories of tourism poverty alleviation through different angles and telling methods based on the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) poverty alleviation case in 2020.

Willow, Executive English Editor-in-Chief of WTM China Pavilion said,I especially like to read and delve into the 12 national intangible heritage tourism themed routes displayed by the London Tourism Office and these cases on tourism poverty alleviation. I think its uniqueness lies in the sustainability that has been mentioned,It’s not just the benefits of bringing capital to the local area,It is the protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage that is the core concern for our future generations in the process of tourism and poverty alleviation.I like this kind of travel very much,we know,This also represents the characteristics of tourism in the 21st century.

The activities in the China Pavilion are centered on the three-day conference period from November 9-11.At the same time, there will be message boards, questionnaires and question and answer sections.Build an industry contact platform,Open up online and offline communication channels,Improve the effectiveness of a series of activities in the China Pavilion.

The China Pavilion is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China through the China Tourism Office in London.It has received strong support from the Chinese Embassy in the UK, China Tourism News, World Tourism Alliance, China Culture Net and many other units.