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Arce was sworn in as President of Bolivia

Lima, November 8 (Reporter Zhang Guoying) News from La Paz: Bolivian President-elect Luis Arce was sworn in on the 8th in La Paz, the administrative capital of the country.The term of office is 5 years.

Arce delivered an inaugural speech after he was sworn in at the Bolivian Congress that day.Explains the ruling program of the new government.He said,The global COVID-19 pandemic and the mismanagement of the interim government have plunged the Bolivian economy into a severe recession.The biggest challenge for the new government is to promote economic recovery.Increase employment opportunities,Improve people’s living standards.

In terms of diplomacy,Arce said,The new government will support the multipolarization of the world,The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States is the best choice for peace and development in the region.

Arce pledged to establish an inclusive government,I firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all parties,Bolivia will get through this difficult time.He also called on the people to unite in the face of a serious crisis in the country.Create peace and a better future.

King Felipe VI of Spain, President Fernandez of Argentina, President Duque of Colombia, President Benitez of Paraguay and other foreign dignitaries, government delegations and officials of some diplomatic agencies in Bolivia attended the inauguration ceremony of the day.

Arce, 57, was born in La Paz.Since January 2006,He successively served as Minister of Finance and Economy in the three administrations of former Bolivian President Morales.In the presidential election held on October 18 this year,As a candidate for the “Movement for Socialism”, Arce earned 55.1% of the votes to defeat the opponent,Elected as the new President of Bolivia.

General elections in Bolivia are held every 5 years.November 2019,The then President Morales was forced to resign because he was caught in an election fraud crisis.The then second deputy speaker of the Senate Agnès announced his appointment as interim president.The interim government subsequently decided to re-elect.