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武汉夜茶:Associated with the murderer of the Vienna terrorist attack   Germany investigating four people

Associated with the murderer of the Vienna terrorist attack   Germany investigating four people

The German Federal Criminal Police Office confirmed on the 6th thatGerman police searched the homes and offices of 4 people in three states,These four people are connected with the murderer of the 2nd terrorist attack in Vienna, the Austrian capital.

【Check 4 people】

The German Federal Criminal Police Office posted a message on social media Twitter,Security forces and police searched multiple homes and offices related to the four people in Lower Saxony, Hesse, and Schleswig-Holstein.

The Federal Criminal Police said,The search was initiated at the request of Austria,After the Austrian judicial authorities submitted relevant information to the German side,The German police applied to the court and obtained a search warrant.

A spokesperson for the Federal Criminal Police said,The raid started earlier this week,It continued on the morning of the 6th.The four people searched did not participate in the Vienna terrorist attack.But it is related to the murderer.

A gunman shot at the crowd in the center of Vienna on the evening of the 2nd.Caused 4 deaths,23 people including a policeman were injured,The attacker himself was shot dead.The Austrian police confirmed on the 3rd,The attacker was Kuytim Fajzule, who has dual citizenship of Austria and North Macedonia.

A tweet from the Federal Criminal Police said,The purpose of the search operation was “to obtain materials that may become evidence,Two of the investigators are believed to have met the murderer in Vienna in July 2020”.

German “Der Spiegel” weekly report,When the attackers tried to travel to Syria to join the extremist group “Islamic State”,Liaison with religious extremists in Germany.


After the terrorist attacks in Vienna,Austrian police detained 15 suspects believed to be associates of the attacker.The Director of the Austrian Public Safety Agency Franz Ruff said,All detainees are “related to this religious extremist incident.”

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said on the 5th,Fajcule seems to be connected to a religious extremist network,The activities of this network extend to countries such as Switzerland.He did not specify which other countries there are,But the German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said,This network is associated with Germany.

Regarding the Vienna terrorist attack,Swiss prosecutors also launched an investigation,Two men have been arrested,They are 18 and 24 years old.(Dujuan) (Special feature)